Is this really anxiety🤔

Hello I have anxiety and OCD..I've Got Obsessional thoughts my mind always obsesses about suicide which scares the crap out of me! (It's like my minds convinced I'm going to do it clearly I don't want to🙈) Now almost 8months on I seem to have hit a really bad patch I feel spaced out, like I'm in a dream a bit dazed and I'm not interested in anything or anyone housework children ect it's like I've hit a brick wall I'm really tiered and struggling is this really anxiety or is this something else🙈


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  • Wow, poor you. I'm so sorry to hear that you are experiencing such symptoms. I have just joined this website, because I have had what feels like anxiety( constant butterflies in my stomach). Thought someone might have any ideas if it could be anxiety? What you are experiencing is much worse and you should be consulting with your GO, to get the help you need. Are there any proffesionals on this site whom can help, or do people just post things in the hope to get some support and comfort from complete strangers.? I have no idea as how to support you and no one on this site with any medical experience or qualifications should be giving any advice other that asking you to go see your GP. You will be referred to a consultant and get the help you need.

  • Yes your butterflies will be anxiety (kind of feels like your stomach drops) I used to get that all the time🙊 I've seen my doctor quite a few times these last few months but she doesn't seem much help if I'm Honest and now it seems to be getting worse I've never felt like this before🙈 I was just wondering if any one else experienced similar🙊

  • So you think, jack_s_s, that nobody without medical qualifications should be giving any advice on this forum, in other words you think this forum should close down. How little you know of the good work and support we give each other on this forum, we help each other by sharing our common experience with anxiety order. People learn by the experiences of others who have gone before and our encouragement and good advice to each other has been instrumental in the recovery of so many that have visited this forum.

    We are not idiots, jack_s_s, but responsible people so when someone new comes along we ALWAYS say, see your doctor to make sure the problem is anxiety and not some organic illness, do what your doctor advises, we are not an alternative to medical professionals, we seek to compliment that process.

    So thank you for your advice that only medical professionals should be giving advice on this forum but your advice is not needed here. None of us on this forum have ever met nor ever will but we are not "strangers" as you suggest.

    You are the only stranger here.

    Btw, regarding the butterflies in your stomach, go see your G.P.

  • Hello there! Let me start by saying I have anxiety, depression and OCD so I feel for you and what you're going through. OCD is very difficult to deal with as it often makes you think of doing what you fear the most, even if you know you would never do it. What you're describing are intrusive thoughts and it's one of the most common symptoms of OCD. The second part of what you're describing sounds a lot like depression, as dealing with it in the past I've experienced days and even months of that "dazed" feeling you speak of. Loss of interest is also a big sign you could be suffering from depression. I saw you mentioned in a previous reply that you've been seeing your doctor without any improvement. I recommend you ask to be referred to a psychiatrist or try to find one who seems fitting for you, as they specialize in mental illness. I'm actually going to start seeing one soon for my OCD. It's a lot to deal with and I'm glad you're willing to get help, that's the first step to healing. Sending positive thoughts your way. 😊

  • OCD is defiantly hell😞 these thoughts this last week are a lot more rapid and they also feel a lot more real like I'm going too😭 I used to be able to get a grip on these thoughts but now it seems I have no grip what so ever🙈 I honestly did think that it may be depression I've only just started recently feel spaced out ect so maybe my minds just been put through so much these last 8months🙈 I did try CBT but that seem to Of failed😞 if you don't mind me asking do you take any medication for yours? Also do you have any tips of how you cope ect at the moment I'm finding it very hard😞 I have a holiday abroad to go to in 4 weeks and I'm not even looking forward to it at all I was before but not now😞 x

  • Lilsophhz06, regarding your suicidal thoughts the key part of your posting is when you say: "clearly I don't want to". What you are experiencing is strange thoughts and many people with anxiety disorder experience strange or intrusive thoughts. The thing is, it's o.k. to have strange thoughts, just accept them, attach no importance to them. But if "clearly I don't want to" ever changes then you must seek immediate help from your doctor or a&e/er. As sarbear7 rightly says, you must pester your doctor to get you referred to a therapist or psychiatrist to get proper help.

  • That's the problem I feel like I've reached a stage where I can't keep going on with this! I'm certain I've hit depression my doctor told me I don't look or sound depressed.. I couldn't believe what I was hearing as depressed people don't have to face a look to them🤔 I've decided to give the medication my doctor gave me a try tonight as it seems to be getting a lot more difficult! My doctor has said that if these don't help then she cannot help me🤔 which has left me a little confused I must say🙈

  • With your family respondibilities, Lilsophz06, I think it's absolutely right to take the medication your doctor has given you so you can experience a period of calm and normality. Remember, it can take 3 weeks or so before many antidepressants and tranquilisers kick in so don't think they're not working and give up. But when the oeriod of calm comes and you are more settled it would be good to use that time to get to know the methods for self help that are available and I would recommend to you the acceptance method of recovery described by Doctor Claire Weekes in her famous book 'Self help for your nerves' available from Amazon.

  • Well I've taken one today I'm really drowsy and keep slipping in and out of sleep😂🙈 but I know inneed to keep going! I'm going to have a look now on amazon thank you x

  • You may find this post helpful/interesting

  • It won't let me click on it for some reason😞

  • sorry you couldn't get into it

    just tried and it is working for me using chrome.

    do you normally have problems with links in posts?

    it may just have been a temporary glytch.

  • well im glad i saw this because recently ive been feeling quite the same! i watched a tv series, quite popular, called '13 reasons why' and the graphics and the whole storyline of suicide really triggered me, and now i cannot stop obsessing over the thought of suicide even though im trying to fight these thoughts and do not want to do it! I would never even hurt a fly let alone myself!

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