Anxiety for 7 years

My name is Tyler, I've been suffering from what I've been told is anxiety for around 7 years. It started with me thinking I've committed an unforgivable sin and I automatically went to the internet to find out if I could find answers. I then started having evil thoughts come into my head. Everyday I worried until finally after around 2 years I got over it. I was fine for around a few weeks then I picked up something else to stress about which was scared ppl was going to poison me. That went on for awhile then I picked up what I call gay ocd thoughts which gave me the idea I was gay whick I'm not, but I stressed over it. Now I'm on the worst one yet which is me being scared I've destroyed my brain and it's causing me to have dementia or Alzheimer's . I constantly worry 24/7 can't sleep or anything. I've been dating a girl for around a year and I get thoughts like I don't really know who she is and it makes me believe it. It's really annoying and I can't work or focuse on daily life tasks. When I'm driving down the road I'll think I forget how to press the break or think I'm driving on the wrong side of the road. Please someone help me . I'm only 25 and can't keep living with this


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  • Have you gone doctors? Maybe going to get help may help you, you ain't alone

  • Yes I have... I'm just scared I've damaged my brain permanent and this will never go away

  • I have the same fear about Alzheimer's. I was perfectly fine and then one day I just started worrying about it and because of my horrible OCD my mind perseverates on it. I guess I was never perfectly fine. I prob was worrying about some other health issue before this one.

  • How long have you been dealing with it

  • I've prob been worrying about this for just over a month now. I went to my Doctor and she said do you want to be on anything to help and I said yes. So I started taking Prozac and it's helped a bit with the anxiety and perseverant thoughts.

  • Worst thing I've ever faced in my life.... when I'm about over it I'll just start thinking about how I've ruined a lot of my life stressing... I've literally stressed almost every day I can't remember the last time I was happy.

  • I get worried about EVERYTHING a lot. What i usually do is reassure myself. Usually I do this by telling myself that if something is meant to be, I can't change it. If you will have Alzheimer's in the future, you can't change it a lot now. The only things you can do is change your diet, lifestyle, and make the most out of your life. It's not worth being anxious over things that haven't happen yet. I suggest you find some articles about living in the present, that might help a lot.

  • No definitely not it's just the anxiety playing tricks on you and it will with the right help, chin up x

  • Hey tbill 32 I know how you feel I've been the same or similar like forgetting things cant sleep , had a bad experience in the hospital that made me also think I had done a bad sin cos of what I was told in there, I'm unwell everyday csn barely get out of bed I'm weak and scared I know where you're coming from and so far nobody can tell me what's going on and what's wrong with me. Also can I ask what this bad sin is u think u have done? Melissa

  • It was called blasphemy. But I've been over that for awhile now. Now it's mostly on health reasons with OCD

  • I'm really sorry to hear that! Have you thought about seeing your doctor and maybe starting medication for your OCD/anxiety? It has helped me a little bit but I think that maybe seeing a psychologist along with the medication is what you need. I am in the process of finding a good psychologist.

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