Anxiety depression and rumination

Hi I'm struggling for the past 6 months I get obsessed with things and after I stopped this diet I had a nervous breakdown and everyday I say I'm gonna loose my fiancé whom I'm obsessed with and get my unborn baby taken away when it comes.. It's been 6 months of having these thoughts iv been going to therapy but I really believe this is gonna happen to me I'm scared .. Just because I obsess about these thoughts that make me cry and depress me does that mean it's going to happen

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  • Hi & Welcome

    Anxiety & depression can give you these thoughts & they can feel very real when you get them but you have been doing the right thing by having some therapy & if you feel you are no where better I would go back & see your doctor or ask your therapist what else they can do to help

    Try & remember that even though these thoughts are really upsetting that they are thoughts & wont harm

    You say you are expecting a baby , your hormones will be all over the place which may be adding to how you feel to

    Keep talking on here it does help to know you are not alone




  • I know but is it normal .. People say to me of I don't want it to happen stop saying it and I say it more as if I do want it to but it's my thoughts that r making me feel this way

  • When you are suffering with anxiety & depression I think it is quite normal even though I am not a GP but speak from my own experience only with anxiety

    When I was pregnant with my 1st child who is now an adult I was so full of fear & fear creates anxiety that I would not be a good Mother & I would get her taken from me I use to have nightmares they I had forgot to feed her & they would take her away , it was the anxiety causing me to have them even though I realize that now but not then

    I never forgot to feed her when she was born & I never had her taken away & I think I turned out an ok Mum & I think you will to :-)

    When you get the thoughts , try & say even out loud I know you are anxiety & you are not going to frighten me so go away

    The less importance we give these fears they do subside , it takes time & practice but you will get there , you are not on your own with having these fears so many members have been through the same


  • Hi Lmarie, what make you think you are going to lose your fiance'? What did the diet have to do with the nervous breakdown? Seeing a therapist is good. Often much of which we obsess about never happens. It just makes us crazy (I've been there.). Enjoy the moment. There are things you can not control and worrying about them will not change them; I'm sure you know this. You don't know what is going to happen. Just because you are feeling negative does mean your thoughts are going to come true. Enjoy today. Say to yourself, "These thoughts are not healthy." Then replace them with healthy thoughts like thanking God for the good health that I do have, for having a place to live, food, clothing, eye sight to see the beauty of nature, etc. God loves you. I hope you pray. As soon as a negative thought comes into your head, replace it with a good one. Practice. Prayed for you.

  • I had a eating disorder and then one day had a nervous breakdown with fear of abandment .. That's why I say I'm scared I'm gonna loose my fiancé and get my baby taken away then my thoughts tell me i want it to happen iv been thinking the same thing sayingg it over and over 100 times a day for 6 months.. It's draining but it's the way my brain is working .. I start and outpatient program but seem to pay attention to the thoughts and miss out on my daily life.. This is pushing him away and I can't stop I'm so sad

  • Unfortunately people tell me it's not gonna happen and to stop saying it but I can't all I do is talk about it day and night for 6 months it has taken my life

  • I don't know if you are a Christian or not, but pray and ask God to help you. When you get those thoughts, out loud say God help me as many times as you get those thoughts. I am so sorry that you are sad; this ought not to be. I will be praying for you. Please see a good therapist. You are not alone.

  • Thank u

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