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So hard to live with anxiety. I do not know whAt to do anymore. I have turned down so many opportunities in the past because of this. I feel like i have confined myself inside such a small box with all my unfounded fears and worries. Just want to live life and live fully! But i dont know where to begin. We are financially down, my husband does not work and i dont know if he has plans to because he does not talk about anything, and i am trying my best to be strong and find work after being a stay at home mom for so long which makes it a bit difficult. My kids are the only ones that keep me going at this point, i want to be better and do better for them. I want to be a good example and a role model to them and want to open opportunities for them so they can live full, happy and successful lives. I need as much support as i can as i have nobody else to talk to about what i am going through. Thoughts of ending it all come to mind but i cannot be that selfish and do that to my children. I love them too much. I just hope i can be strong enough to overcome this❤️


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  • You gonna definitely overcome it...don' t worry. Since you are talking about it outloud, you are at a good pace....It' s totally normal to feel more anxiety & depression especially in situations like bad finance but listen if I were you first I would start working on my relationship with my husband. I think you have to start having a dialog about your feelings & his feelings and most importanly of how you gonna deal with this situation together as a couple. Secondly, if my anxiety / depression symptoms were too many I would ask from a doctor to prescribe me relative medicines for a short time....just to feel more relaxed and less threatened...but hey at the end of the day you should feel good and proud about yourself cause even if you might suffer from anxiety you don't really give up and you do actually fight for your children... try to realize this and I m sure you gonna find your inner power to do much more...

  • Thank you so much❤️ I am trying my best to hold everything together. Thank you for the encouragement, gives me hope to carry on.

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