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I want to compare symptoms


I want to compare my odd symptoms that i dont think is anxiety to others to see if it is amxiety and to put my mind at ease, but please be honest and dont just tell me what i want to hear.

Most annoying is high heart rate everytime i stand, heart rate is always 100 to 90s standing, to me that seems too fast. After i eat food it can hit 120 bpm easily or higher every day i eat.

High diastolic blood pressure (bottom number) when i stand up, no matter what when i take it sitting its 120 over 80 but i stand its 113 over 96 and from what i read that is not normal, diastolic isnt suppose to raise like that. I have done this calm and it still does it then so i dont think its anxiety but i wanted to see.

Chest always tight from chewing gum, feel like i cant breathe, belching helps relieve it but its worse upon standing. I chew gum because i quit smoking 7 months ago.

These are my most annoying twitches i cant break, people ask why do i take it so much and i say because i eventually can feel it, so i take it and its higher so it gets the wheel turning.

I been doing cbt and did ctp for ptsd, not on any meds since this started a year ago and i refuse meds because ive seen them make my friends worse and harder for them to over come the anxiety. I just want the old me back so i can work again.

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Armyguy, you answered the question I was going to ask you. If you were on any medication. It has become a necessity now. Your mind and body are totally out of control. I know because I've been there at one time. Something needs to break this cycle of fear that has been created. There is a reason for everything you are feeling at this time both physically and emotionally.

You cannot think rationally if you're in a state of panic and fear 24/7. Believe me i don't like taking medication but you have to weigh the good you can get from some help at this time. I hope you have a talk with your doctors about this. You can't go on like this. It is chipping away at your self esteem and who you are. Everyone on the forum cares. I personally feel so helpless when I hear one of the members suffering. We are here for you, you are not alone.

Hidden in reply to Agora1

Hello, good taht you received such good information and advice already. I agree with him totally, and it does seem someone in this venue is always reading posts and answering them no matter what time of day or night. Please feel welcome here.

Armyguy in reply to Agora1

I am really worried i have Cornary artery disease or CAD, or something is wrong with my heart, tonight when i was standing my hear rate just from standing was 106 and my blood pressure was slightly high 113 over 92 and chest had this strange tightness that only goes away if im laying down, its miserable to stand up and thats why i dont think thats anxiety, ever since the night with SVT it has felt like this, also when i eat i get this bad pain on my chest, and a strange onset of vertigo... Worried something is quite right, i know anxiety and panic by now but this isnt it.

Agora1 in reply to Armyguy

I think you are right Armyguy. I didn't know that diagnosed you with CAD is that as well as Mitral Valve Prolapse? I just can't believe with all the testing they have done that there isn't something they can give you to reduce or eliminate these symptoms.

Even MVP doesn't produce the issues you are having. I do know that when I was diagnosed with A-Fib 4 years ago and put on a heart medication, no heart issues ever break through. It is such a relief and does bring down the anxiety.

What other options do you have for medical care? Would you be able to go to Mayo Clinic? Cleveland Clinic? It just doesn't make sense.

Armyguy in reply to Agora1

I havent been diagnosed yet with CAD but i suspect it because these symptoms just dont match anxiety, i never met a panic disorder that couldnt stand up from chest pressure like this. Im stumped.

Agora1 in reply to Armyguy

I agree, I have never heard of anxiety presenting with symptoms like this either. I don't know what to tell you except to keep after these doctors. Aren't these symptoms there when they see you?

Armyguy in reply to Agora1

Yes, but its this one asshole doctor that keeps saying its not the heart. I dont buy it and he did everything he could to blackball me with any doctor in the VA to be a prick, i complained he e mailed me sayin he knew i complained.

Agora1 in reply to Armyguy

Oh man, as if that's not putting more stress on you. I am so sorry. No one should have to put up with this. Is this how they treat our Vets? Is there another VA hospital that you can go to for a different approach to your health issue? It does sound like you are blackballed at that one hospital and keep going in circles. Once it's in your records, you need someone who will look outside what's written in your charts. We have Hines Veteran's Hospital in Chicago.

Kobojunkie in reply to Armyguy

You don't believe the doctor and you don't want to at least try the medication to see if he may be right? Then get a second opinion.

I do see how your symptoms can indeed result from anxiety/panic disorder. Every time a person is any of those two states, the heart is made to pump at abnormally high rates, leading to serious heart problems such as enlargement of the left ventricular walls, etc.

Rather than continuing to wonder what it is, I would run to the next doctor I can, even if out-of-network to get a second opinion, if I was in your shoes.

Please take a read


Armyguy in reply to Kobojunkie

It wont let me

Indigojoe in reply to Armyguy

It might not be the heart. Mine is GI related. That triggers the heart, etx. You could be 1 quart short on fluids. That simple. If you drink, coffee, or monster drinks or red bull there ya go..symptoms! Good ole water, plain and simple.

Yellowmellow in reply to Armyguy

Please read the symthoms of p.o.t.s...it sounds like my symthoms and I was diagnosed with that condition 3 years ago.

Indigojoe in reply to Armyguy

To be honest, I suffered for years with Goofy symptoms like this. If you can be reassured by a doc that you are fine, or that you need a medicine, for now, the next thing i did was chiropractor. That helped a lot. Then we found out my GI track was sensitive to some foods.

Somedays I refused

to"move". It all goes away. The mind is powerful. We need to use it for our benefits not to scare ourselves.

I replied to you a while ago with similar symptoms. Is your blood sugar levels still dodgy? How is your sleep? Do you wake out of breath? Nose blocked at all? Coughing up phlegm a lot? Do you have extreme fatigue and tiredness in the day?

I've recently seen a Dietician and he thinks I've got rhinitis (which makes sense as I've been coughing up phlegm my whole life) I also think I've got sleep apnea with it as I'm just exhausted every morning and if my nose is getting blocked that would make sleep apnea worse. Can feel pretty good in the day depending on how bad I feel in the morning and I can fall sleep fine but it's like my body tries to kill me in the night.

My circulation seems bad with it, burning face freezing cold hands, wake with completely dead arms sometimes.

Just recently started taking a magnesium glycinate supplement which has massively improved the circulation, my temperature has returned to normal.

Still got burning face but body isn't cold anymore.

I've tried 5 different anxiety meds, none have worked.

I don't have any fear with it (although have in the past) I'm just living with symptoms that won't go sway.

Hi, i did not read all the answers here, so maybe i can repeat what was already written. I just tell you about my symptoms... the fast heart beat after food i had long time, it was caused by reflux. I am now using medication for reflux and after food i dont have the heart beatings anymore so often as before. I am on the pills just 3 weeks or so and this is going much better. So i would recomend to visit doctor and say you have this after food and get some medication for it too, or you can buy something for reflux by yourself. It does not help immediatelly but when the amount of the stomach juices is reduces you start to feel much better after food. The fast heart beating after stand up, i have too and i am worried about it too. My normal pulse is usually between 70 -80 per minute in calm. I stand up and few next minutes i have rate over 100 -110. My heart was checked many times and nothing wrong there. But still it worries me too even my doctor said it is normal to increase the pulse rate after stand up. I am worried i could have POTS. But my esg and echocardiogram are always ok. But i was never checked what my heart does when i stand up or move.. waiting to get holter for 24 hours. But as you describe , try to ask your doctor to check you for the POTS.. this is what google says about : Postural tachycardia syndrome (PoTS) is an abnormal increase in heart rate that occurs after sitting up or standing. It typically causes dizziness, fainting and other symptoms. It's sometimes known as postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome. I hope you will feel better soon and again like the old you. This same words i said many times too.. i want to be again the old me :)

Mazer in reply to Marci76

Hi, which antiacid do you take and when do you take it?

Marci76 in reply to Mazer

i have esomeprazol 20mg and i eat it every morning to emtpy stomach.. then i take breakfast like about half hour after the pill...

Mazer in reply to Marci76

Ahh, I've tried lanzproprazole and ranitidine in the past but for some reason they make my acid worse. Took a lanzproprazole tab this morning (not took for ages) as top of stomach was burning, had cereal an hour later then some orange juice and had major heart palpitations which caused muscle twitching, extreme fatigue and also affected my face and back. Took a gaviscon tablet after lunch and the burning is still exactly the same as when I woke up :(

I never seem to get the heartburn in upper chest / throat but did years ago.

I think I definitely have this (and probably rhinitis and sleep apnea) as I've had tons of tests to rule out other things but I can say 100% that it affects the nervous system (at least in me anyway)


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