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I want to give up


My depression and anxiety keep getting worse no matter what I do. I am losing friends and I don't even care. I deleted all of my social media and I don't care. I don't seem to care about anything anymore. I don't care to eat. Or do anything. I'm 17 and I know everyone wants to tell me that I have so much life to live but I don't care and I don't believe them. I want to give up. I know people care about me but I don't care about myself at all. I spend most of my time crying because I'm so ugly inside and out. I don't know why I'm typing on here I guess I want someone to talk to.

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You in the perfect place for some one to talk to we are all suffering we are all in a bad place no one judges ☺️

You're 17 huh? Feel ugly huh? Let me tell you.... you have LIFE too live. In you should care. I was you ages 13-19 felt ugly didn't wanna be alive but let me tell you I'm 26 in still here even though I still feel the same I love life life is beautiful even though it has many flaws and many mean people. Don't give up. Your mom and dad has been through similar feelings growing up. Don't be afraid to say mom dad I'm sad I feel like life doesn't mean anything can you take me to our family doctor? It's hard but you gotta try💔😢

Zbachuwa in reply to Gamerfitmom

Thank you and I see a psychologist and take xanax for anxiety but i don't know I am just turning into a horrible person I am so mean to everyone including myself and I don't want to be here anymore

I think maybe you do care because you are posting on here. I understand, life is hard but I think you should see a therapist! My therapist helps me and I think it might do the same for you! I'm really sorry to hear you're going through this, it's not fun. If you want to message me just to have someone to talk to, I'm here. I'm 19 years old and I've been through a lot! Maybe we can relate! Is there anything in life that's bothering you?

Thank you and I guess just existing bothers me I hate existing and everything in between

Aw I'm sorry, may I ask why?:(

My anxiety is just so bad all the time it made me question life and death and it all scares me

Peer pressure seeing other people comparing you too them feeling discourage you're a teen. You need more than xanax💔

Zbachuwa in reply to Gamerfitmom

I tried Zoloft but it made it worse

I don't believe that you don't care anymore, if this was true, you won't be here, type this text is a way to ask for help, and ask for help means that you still care. You don't even know, but you are already figthing against anxiety and depression

I know that life sucks sometimes, but nothing is too bad that doesn't have solution, you just don't see it because of depression. Give up is never the answer.

one thing that i learn with my anxiety is that you are stronger that looks like, you can win this horrible desease, you just need try

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