I really Hate to say this but I think my Hubby makes my anxiety worse. I can be having a Great day and when he comes around I get so stressed and anxious like to the point where I feel like I'm on the verge of having a nervous breakdown and I feel bad because he is such a big help but I feel like I need Him to leave. Also I'm going to get blood tests done to rule out any underlying diseases.


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  • I have a friend with severe depression.....they moved to this area but hubby stayed at old house as he was still working in that city. She loved being alone and able to just stay in bed and not have to really do what she didn't feel like doing. He retired. They sold the house, and he moved here. She feels she is going crazy at times, though he is a good support too. I have always wanted my husband or someone around if fear is I will pass out or die alone.

  • I just wish He wasn't so dependant. It's like He can't make a decision without me or anything. And He speaks a different language that I don't understand that well and is always on the phone so loud it's so annoying. I have to get a break some how.

  • Well in a marriage both partners should make very important decisions...ask me, married 48 yrs! Perhaps he is afraid he won't make the right choice and you will be peeved at him? I find some nationalities seem to talk "louder"....I don't know why but have noticed when out in public. I love languages so would be asking him for extra help and to explain what he was talking about in his own tongue. Sometimes we do need our own space.

  • I think He just wants everything to be right and I understand.

  • He does sound very supportive of you as is that area we are lucky. I think many out there would run for the hills!!!

  • Maybe you just need a little break from him. That doesn't mean you don't love him. Just means you need time for yourself to recover. Go to a spa and get a massage and facial. Relax. Spend a day at a hotel that has these things. I wonder if I would feel like you. I don't know because I actually get breaks from my husband. He travels out of town for business from time to time.

  • Yes a break is what I need. Our cultures are so different. It was cute at first but now that we've been living together I feel like I'm going crazy.

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