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Anxiety and pannick attacks racing thoughts depression

So I'm suffering a couple of years now and I'm on antidepressants and a moodstabliser serquel for it ... But I'm so annoyed about it there today I walked into a shopping Center and all of a sudden I felt like terrified afraid of the people and didn't feel safe I kept telling myself to calm down and it wudnt go away my head got very tensed and my eyes were nearly popping out of my head I then felt ashamed guilty angry confused paranoid and felt like what's the point My inner voice was telling me there's danger and it's like as if I felt lost or felt outer body experience ... I just feel like it's controlling my whole life I was terrified to see people who knew me because I get so panicky and shaky I was never lik this before I just don't know anymore ... 😫😫

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Hello...welcome to this forum. I have gone through the severe panic attacks you are having when going into a store. The feeling was almost so overwhelming I felt I wouldn't get out of the store fast enough.

My spouse ended up doing the grocery shopping for a long time because I panicked so badly. I didn't want to even walk my dog because I was afraid a neighbor would see me in this condition.

Does that all seem familiar?

Ok, one thing my neuro-psychiatrist advised me to do was to remember the doors were not locked and I could leave anytime I wanted. He also advised me to do some deep breathing.

Sometimes that helped, sometimes it didn't. I went through a number of adjustments to my medications for anxiety and depression.

Finally, I felt stable enough to enter a store and just purchase two things, pay for them and leave. That was my first step to prove to myself I would get better. I was still anxious, but I did that much.

I'm not going to write any more now, because even this much may make you anxious. Stay in touch with me or anyone on this site. You can get better.

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Ahhh thanks so much for writing bk may I ask if u don't mind wat medication did u get put on for the high anxiety and pannick attacks I'm on 150 Effexor that's an antidepressant and stilnock for sleep and serquel a mood stabiliser 50 mg for high anxiety and sleep they won't give me valium or relaxers they will only give me this medication sometimes I do feel like. I'm going off the head and I get very depressed about how my life turned out I didn't ask for this this chooses me y did god hav to giv us anxiety and not every1 else xxxx


Hello and good morning.

As far as my meds, everyone's different, and I spent quite a long time seeing my neuro-psychiatrist for therapy once a month and trying modifications to my meds. Please remember I had injury to my body and some brain injury due to a bad traffic accident.

Some days and nights I just paced the house in extreme anxiety, bordering on panic...and had severe nightmares. I called everyone I had numbers for of a local support group during those times, just to hear a friendly voice to get me through.

For now, I take the generic meds for Xanax1m morning and evening, with the option, if absolutely if I am heading into a panic attack somewhere, of a .5 generic Xanax.

In the mornings I also take a generic low dose of oxy for pain.

The oxycodone is also taken before I go to bed if my physical pain is high, along with the generic Xanax, an extremely low dose of a muscle relaxer to ease the nightmares.

And I plan my day to have a walking errand to do....something for the grocery, etc. with my dog so I know I'll make myself get up and get out of the house.

I hope this helps you, but wanted to make certain you saw that forcing myself the night before to determine what I was going to do the next morning is very important. No matter how I feel, I make myself go. It seems to set the pattern that I am proud I accomplish the "errand" and the rest of my day is much better for it.

I have some anxiety and depression every day, but manage it at the moment.

You're in my thoughts. If I can do this, you can too. So hang in there. You deserve good days, one at a time, too.


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