Racing thoughts

Last few nights and early in the morning waking with all sorts of thoughts in my head on and on and only sleeping for a few hours seem to be thinking of stuff that ive done all sorts I'm doing relaxation Ty chi breathing and exercise

Still not having any meds

Any ideas here would be great I am feeling good at the moment ( most of the time ) but this is starting to get me down it feels like I start to feel better then up,pops another system if you see what I mean


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  • Well in fact have had this for. A while now seems to be getting worse

  • I have had this and it's terrible. I was on an anti anxiety tablet but really found the Sleep bach rescue remedy helped with those unwanted thoughts. But it must be the 'Sleep' one. You could try that. Hope it helps. xx

  • Have you tried just writing down these thoughts worries before bed just getting them on paper can get them out of your mind? Also maybe analysing these thoughts on paper if they are concerns/ worries and do a for and against argument as to whether these thoughts are valid . Might be worth a try if not have you tried Paul Mckenna Sleep hypnosis?

  • Do you have an iPhone? If so try an app called headspace x

  • That is my problem,thoughts ,can't ever get them out of my head,wake early with them and have to get up,They are there all the time.Not health thoughts ,just everything else

  • Yep thanks so much to you all for your advise x

  • Hi, those thought going round and round in your head are awful arent they. My worst times were always first thing in the morning when all the thoughts are rushing round your head. I think its common that you can start to feel good and then whoosh, it all comes racing back again, but you say you are having times when you feel good, so hang on to that, it will get better. Sounds like you are doing all the right things with the relaxation and tai chi etc.

  • HI i am same going along nicely then wham dark thoughts why the heck r they back again so soul destroying mine are about not seeing my family before i die fight or flight again still get out and try to cope x

  • I try to think can do a thing now about that , when it pops into my mind, if it comes back just repeat the same thing.

    Mostly to worry doesnt sort a thing out, best to go to a group and then you find tips about this , and good to see that most people are really mostly the same , I say relaxation before sleep, a milky drink, no coffee, and dont eat to late , that keep your body working , not resting, take good vitamins. and all good foods for the nervous system. Hope this helps B

  • This all helps thankyou so much and Happy Easter Weekend

    Anxiety FREE x

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