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Please someone help me and guide me through this i need someone advise soon as possible

Soo i took my blood pressure it said it was 120 and my pulse 100 i decided to take a beta blocker soon as i took i felt like i couldnt breath my heart went super fast really fast that i even called my mom out the room and said come here now and huged her and told touch my chest she started getting worried saying relax please my heart was going so fast like arrythmia fast or tycardia fast it was crazy my mom was like you saw alot of docters and they say you were fine can you relax but i couldnt my heart was going super fast now its going down but i dont know what to do anymore i feel like im going to die

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You need to take them regular rather than when you have taken your rate. I take them regular in the morning as soom as get up. Need to remember they take hour to reduce your rate and last about 6 hours to 8 hours. 60 to 100 is ok for rest rate when sitting down. Rate does go up when standing.


yeah i feel like im dying or something like i have a heart problem for smoking that weed


Johnnie. When did you last smoke weed. If you smoke cigs this also can increase heart rate by 20bpm which would last 20min.


this was four months ago and im still like this and i havent smoke sense that time four moths ago around thanks giving after that day my life change idk what it is but its a strange thing that one day i cought a panick attack my heart was racing for about 30 minutes i didnt go to the ER till next day i woke up still with my heart feeling wierd

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What is exactly wrong with your blood pressure? 120 over what? 120/80 is normal and anything 10 points either side is okay too. And a heart rate of 100 is normal if you are moving around and walking. You smoked weed sooooooo long ago there is no way, i repeat no way, it will be affecting you. It is you yourself scaring yourself. There is nothing in your posts that tells me you are helping yourself. You're not exercising (too scared your heart rate may increase), not meditating, not taking your anxiety pills, you never take anybody's advice here - notice the helpful ones like agora and jeff and beevee and sunshine they are not offering their very wise and very sensible words of comfort anymore because you are stuck in your "I'm 20 years old and i smoked weed and i have had all my heart checked and they tell me I'm okay but i dont believe them so i think I'll see another specialist because my chest hurts and my heart is racing.....". Ask anyone who is an athlete - their heart races and chest hurts. Ask anyone who has laughed non stop for 5 minutes - their heart races and chest hurts. Ask anyone who has done 40 pushups - their heart races and chest hurts. Johnny. You are young. Unless you weigh 300 pounds and are short i dare say your body is okay and think about this. You have been on this forum for 3 months now with hourly, daily, weekly symptoms that never stop and you're worried you're going to die. Hey guess what? You're still here. Alive. You haven't died. You haven't had a heart attack. How about you give you mind and body a break from all the obsessing and just stop taking your pulse. Stop freaking out about every twinge and ache and pain. Go and volunteer on a cancer ward or a burns unit in the hospital and you will see brave strong suffering humans who have never ending unrelenting pain and physical symptoms and they NEVER ever utter a word of complaint. They are just happy that they are alive one more day.


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