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Please help me make sense of this

So I posted last night about my anxiety. I literally do not have any idea what happened. I couldnt sleep and I was watching a shownon Netflix. I cannot remember but I think the show ended and I dosed off or I got up to use the restroom. I went back to my bedroom and layed down and felt a jolt as if something was wrong. I do not remember what ny thought process was but I could not rememeber falling asleep and it was really bugging me. I just felt like I was going crazy and it is still bothering me a day later. The fact thay I cannot figure out whay bothered me so much is bothering me :-/ I took another valium so that I could have a good night sleep. Can any one help make sense of this?

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We think way too much and analyze everything. That contributes big time to our anxiety. Also, what kind of movie was it? Think about this....ask yourself...does it really matter? You are alive, and moving and able to function so try to let it go. Focus on something else. Remember the more we dwell on scary, negative thoughts the bigger they get. Like watering a plant everyday, it grows. Work and staying busy is therapy. Do you have a hobby? I'm an Artist so a creative mind can create good or negative thoughts. I try focusing on the positive and erase the negative. Im not always successful at this, believe me, but it works if we work on it.

I have gone thru this stiff for 45 years. It's unpleasant I know, but keep yourself busy. I learned to stop focusing on all the details and move on...NOT easy, believe me....

let it go and do something enjoyable today. Replace a negative thought with a positive one. Try it...

I understand...


Thanks it helps that some one understands.


I have had similar experiences . I have been so tired I have actually gone past the point of wanting sleep to desperately needing sleep. Its almost as if I have got to the bathroom in a sleep walk. Got back into bed and wondered how, why & if I had some sleep. It could be our minds and bodies are so tired that when we finally get into the relaxed state & start falling asleep our bodies are asleep and our minds are catching up with the body but the mind is so used to being alert it almost feels like it has jolted the body awake again...... I often get these jolts & they are quite scary.... I hope this makes sense & I hope I haven't confused the issue. Kindest regards 😊 Lou.


Thank you it helps to know I am not alone. It really makes me feel so much better.


Hey there.. quick question, were u asleeep when u felt the jolt and woke up or were u trying to sleep when it happened? Dont look too into it, its nothing to be worried about. I get it too when im trying to sleep/am half asleep. I got told that it happens regularly when you're in the middle of being in REM sleep and being fully awake. Almost as if your body is asleep but ur mind is awake and its overthinking and then dont know why but you jolt which wakes u up. I get it all the time and its nothing to be scared of. You get the anxious feeling after because (well for me this is the reason) its an unnatural feeling for you and your mind starts racing to try and think of what just happened. I get many many other symptoms apart from the jolt but try and relax your mind when you want to go back to sleep, think of something else. Try think of good things that happened during the day. The more you think about it the more you will work yourself up.

I am trying this new thing where i give myself half n hour before bed to just unwind. I make sure my bed is super comfy and the room is the right temp. I try to not use my phone for that half n hour and no tv. Maybe read a book because that always makes me sleepy. Have a tea before bed maybe a chamomile tea and just relax. Dim your lights in your room. It all tells your body its time to wind down and after awhile itll get into routine n youll be able to fall asleep well. Watching tv with bright lights or using your phone can also mess with your body as it needs darkness rather than light to know its time to sleep. Darkness releases chemicals that trigger sleepiness.

Im sorry i wrote such an essay but hey it works for me.

Dont stress, although its what us anxious people do.. its nothing to be worried about.


Thanks. I thinj you are exactly right my mind was awake but my body was asleep.


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