Muscle twitch

I've been doing really well lately and on a low dose of amitriptyline for a month or so now and also magnesium chelate for a week or so, today been a long day at work and I'm home now and get the odd twitch in bottom left eye lid and every 5 mins my left stomach muscle has a 1 second twitch like a flutter or a baby kick, glad I'm male as sound like preagnant, anyone else have this??


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  • Yep. 🙆

  • How crazy. What's the cause have u found out?

  • Doc diagnosed me with chronic IBS. Your bowl is situated all around that area. I get it mostly if I am constipated (sorry for being so direct). Otherwise they just say it's because of the anxiety. Mine isn't painful and I bet you, yours isn't either? I just don't know anymore Nathsam?

    Honestly speaking, I get what I get, I breath in and out deeply and I pray. That works well for me, together with my medication.

  • No mines not painful just irritating lol :)

  • Me too Nathsam46...not to worry

  • It's hard when it's been on and off for an hour or so now

  • I had mine 2 days ago, the whole day on and off and mine didn't just last for a second. The next day it was gone thankfully.

  • It's all about our crazy over stimulated nervous system. I try to ignore it the best I can and go on with what I'm doing. I found that I got it more when I was coming off benzos. Apparently the nervous energy needs to come out one way or the other. I rather it be that than the horrific butterflies in the stomach. Try not to fear it, try not to feed into it. You can't breathe it away, it just needs to run it's course. Just another physical symptom that's the result of our nerves.

  • How much magnesium are you taking a day ?

  • 1 tab, half in morning half after my dinner in the eve

  • Also gettin a cold tingle down my legs couple times a day? Weird

  • Have you been checked for diabetes ?

  • Yes mate

  • Does this leg thing happen in the afternoon ?

  • Yes well usually after a few hours on them, whys that mate

  • Magnesium opens up your artieres. When you take it, it last for four hours so as it wears off​ the artieres close a bit so the blood isn't getting to em as much. You could try taking a bit more magnesium at lunch. See if it helps.

    Do you smoke ?

  • Ah I see, and no I don't smoke mate

  • Well some tips.

    Drink mineral water not tap water at work.

    Try not to clean your teeth with toothpaste, use coconut oil, flouride in toothpaste rids the body of magnesium. Eat a banana a day. get a multi vitamin with iron tablet and take one every few days.

  • Noted 👍🏻 Cheers mate

  • Try not to stress so much at work, easier said than done i know. But your twitching is like a cool down for the body after a stressful period. Stress = twitching.

  • Don't worry about the sensations. Magnesium heals the body and clears out the shit, so it could be temporary as it gets further into ya. So expect other things to come and others to go.

  • You should go to your doctor about that and cut back on the magnesium to half a tab till you've been.

  • Usually when something is twitching is because you are lacking some type of vitamin. I don't know which one tho.

  • It could be anything, sodium potassium etc. His legs and cold tingle could rather be a trapped nerve or something to do with his neurology.

  • Been see the doc who refered me for an MRI

  • Righty, did he say anything else ?. Hmmm it could be nerves but it could also be neurology. MRI is the only way to find out.

  • No mate just said MRI would be the way to find out and I don't know the difference between nerves or neurology? I think it could be some kind of disc or facet problem as I have a heavy job,

  • What do you do ?

    (Nerves) as in anxiety and (neurology) as in a disease of the nervous system​ brain. It could well be your back, disc etc.

  • I work with structural steel m8 and yeh I see what u mean now, I have a friend who's a builder and he has just had an MRI which shew disc degeneration and a tear in the disc, he has had same tingling etc in legs

  • Like a fabricator ?. Yup as ya get older man ya fucking fall apart !!. You'll just have to see I guess bud......

  • Nah I'm a loader and erector, and yeh shit ain't it lol

  • Can I ask what dose you are on of Amitriptaline please? I started this 6 days ago for my headaches/ foggy head at 10 mg and can't really see any change yet , lastnight i woke twice in night feeling very panicky heart racing, how long do you think it took to get into your system? Also, don't worry about the twitching! It's just a stress reaction I get it all the time!

  • Hey I've been on 10mg for around a month now and I was the same at first thinking nothing's happening etc but it will and you will suddenly think hang on I feel different etc, and you also get the stomach muscle twitches?

  • Yep! I don't get it that often but just another of my weird symptoms! Ok I'll keep on with the 10mg and see how I go thanks

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