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I'm driving myself crazy with symptoms

It's me again , I've been on here for health anxiety, and I have had eye flutters for almost 2 months and last week the neurologist said not concerned, but this week actually yesterday morning , my left pinky finger has been off and on moving like a little twitch since 4 am yesterday and it's 4:40 am today and still doing it. I also notice little nuclear spasms on left arm and right leg and really focusing on it. I'm googling and all that comes up is ,ALS, Parkinson's, MS.snd Brain tumor , I'm going back to neurologist today at 3:30, I'm so sick to my stomach, I can't sleep or think normally because I'm afraid he is going to tell me something bad. There are so many posts out there that start with a pinky twitch and it's bad!!!! Please help . lynl

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You don't have a brain tumour I promise you, I've been through this for 7 years, being convinced I have a brain tumour, but guess what? I'm still here and aside from all the crap anxiety symptoms like my arms and legs going dead and constant pain in my body from being so tense, I'm still alive, I get twitches all the time in my body .. I'm sure you're fine :)


Thank you for your response, I have had anxieties for over 3@ years and it's been out of control for a while now. I so scared because my eye has been quivering off and on for about 2 months and now with this pinky jerk too , I'm seriously loosing it. Michael J Fox has Parkinson's and a pinky twitch was his first sign. I feel sick


I've had the eye twitch too!

I'm not saying there's no chance of this being something but considering you have health anxiety the likelihood off this being you're anxiety is so strong! The pinky twitch and eye flutters I have had many many times for months on end. You will be ok, even if you did have something wrong which is so so so unlikely, you worrying yourself sick(like we all do with crappy anxiety) will not help, whatever this is you will not die right now, you are ok, I'm right there with you, I have an ultrasound soon because I'm convinced I have an aortic aneurism. You are not alone, you'll be fine :)


I will be praying your ultrasound it completely normal. I see my neurologist at 3:40 today hoping he thinks I'm ok too . Please keep in touch.


I'll say a prayer for you! Keep me updated!

Sending positive vibes!

Me too I'm absolutely terrified but will update you :)


i recently started getting muscle twitches, pinky twitching, hands shaking, blurry vision, pins and needles. i want to see a neurologist too, but i went through all this with cardiovascular symptoms, chest pain , tachycardia, out of breath... and now they have passed and i`m fine, now its neurological symptoms, health anxiety is the worst.


Good luck today I'm sure everything will be fine. I get a twitch in my left thumb sometimes it feels like it has a life of it's own but it's just my anxiety messing me around.


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