Cramp/knot/ muscle spasm ???

I've been a worrier with health issues for long time now but this has happened twice now, been sitting down and I've lifted my left leg up to put show on etc, and I've had a weird like cramp know in my lower left side of belly ???? Do u think it's anything bad I googled it and come up cancer now I think I've got bloody stomach cancer :-(


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  • Sounds very much like cramp from lifting your leg to me. All your stomach muscles are used when you lift your leg. You also have internal muscles along your bowel that push the food along, which do occasionally spasm and can be very painful.

    Alternatively it could be wind.

    I suffer from health anxiety too and know how your mind will find the worst thing for any minor pain or health worry. I'm no doctor but it doesn't sound like anything to worry about to me.

  • I'm hoping I'm just worrying over nothing. It's horrible thinking the worst of everything I wish I could just click my fingers and stop it xx

  • Hi Shell.

    It sounds like a muscle spasm, you really should stay away from Dr Google it will only exacerbate your problems.


  • I think google is my worst enemy :( was worrying me as it had happened before too

  • Hi! I've had similar issues- put anything in to Google and it will come up with cancer!! It might be just worth having a chat with your doc, if anything just to put your mind at rest. Anxiety can cause physical problems, but it's generally nothing to worry about- I get stomach pain quite regularly- it could be irritable bowel syndrome which is quite common with anxiety sufferers. I also get muscle spasms and was told this is also a physical manifestation of anxiety and a sign I'm run down. Equally it could be a trapped nerve which can be super painful, but easily dealt with. Have a chat with your gp. I'm sure it's fine and easily treatable.

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