Here I am again. Oh no

This evening I'm driving. I get a sharp twitch in my chest and bam. There we go chest pain arm pain now I'm sitting here with cheat discomfort I ask myself shall go to A and E again but now there's another problem... My top lip has started twitching and yes I googled it and it states it's a sign of Parkinson's great . Now I'm really in a mess


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  • ah wait min parkinsons no you can get that lip thing from being stressed out so i dont think got that+ stop reading all s**t on net puts stuff in head got this that when think got simtens of it not good reading that stuff :-)

  • I get same thing I have it now makes me feel sick all over and I take meds. And I have to work in the heat all day every day for 21 days at a time it really makes me mad. But with this shit you don't know if your sick R not

  • I get the same thing. I get the twitching in upper lip and even a numb feeling. The short, sharp twitch of pain in the chest too. I recently had a Ekg, stress test and Echo done along with blood work. All was good. It us a scary feeling tho. I get breathless after short exercise too. Get a checkup and be sure. Anxiety is so frightening and causes sooo many symptoms. I even have a hard time believing the drs and the test results. Vicious circle isn't it. Hope you feel better.

  • Thank you. Yes it is very scary . I just think I'm in denial that it's anxiety after all I am not anxious about anything and when I should have reason to be anxious or exams or interview I get no pain at all.

    Lovely to talk with you and hope that you are dealing with this issue xxx

  • I always thought it couldn't be anxiety because I didn't think I was an anxious person, however, as I have gotten "older" I realize how many things really stressed me. I started a journal and noticed the times I was tired, overworked or in a difficult situation...I had a lot of physical symptoms. Try journaling, it's fun and you learn a lot about yourself! Anyway, I hope you are feeling better and coping too...stay strong.

    Warm Regards

  • I'm going to try this...I have already written a huge list of my symptoms, don't have all of them all of the time, I never know what I am going to get next and which one to worry about today :-) Have to smaile about it or I'll go mad!

    I have had a gruelling past 7 years travelling away from home for work, not sleeping in lodgings, worry about family, so tired. I have felt unwell with muscle stress in my neck and back and headaches and tummy upsets all this time...and this must be the climax of it all that now I am a quivering mess, who thinks there must be something wrong..and feeling sick and shaky every day.

    Thank you so much for this idea. In 6 months time I can read my journal and hopefully see it all in a clearer light and see me getting stronger.

    Best wishes to you

    J xx

  • Hi Little Fairy.....just wondering how you were doing? Did you start your journaling? Sure hope you are doing a little better....keep positive thoughts going too!

    Warm Regards

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