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So tired

I don't seem to get much help here. Sometimes my posts don't get answered it makes me feel,more isolated and weird .i have a husband with severe copd. He has oxygen and nebulisers that he uses, he is 71. I am 60 and have suffered from a child with depression and anxiety, I won't go into details about my life, anyway I cannot travel far from home on motorways,I can do short journeys,so I haven't had a break for ten years. Lately due to stress I should imamgine I have been feeling so exhausted I can hardly wal I feel as if I am going to collapse when walking, I am ready for bed by 9oclock and so tired I cannot even brush my teeth everything is a effort, I haven't any family so there is just me and my husband ,can anxiety and exshaution make you feel this bad. I go for a walk most days with my trolley which is good as a support for my balance. I had a blood test last year and everything was normal and the b12 when I put my results on here somebody said I should get over myself and be grateful the doctor said I was alright, but when you feel as bad as I do sometimes I think I have some illness. As I am sure most of you with anxiety will feel.i feel as if I cannot go on feeling like I do any ideas about a supplement I can take . Any advice would be so appreciated thankyou.

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You not talked it through with your doctor ?


Bluegirl222, life has obviously been particularly stressful for you recently what with your husband's health issues and your own anxiety and depression symptoms going back many years. No matter how long you have had bad feelings (and what sounds like some agrophobia) you can recover and be free of the anxiety and melancholia that has affected you since you were a child. I can only recommend the method that I know about and helped me recover and my mother before me.

Too much stress and worry over a long period can cause our nervous system to become over sensitised and in this state all kinds of symptoms appear, sometimes mimicing physical illness, making small tasks and problems seem 10 times more daunting and making us want to stay in familiar locations and not leave home/travel too far from home. The worry of these symptoms also causes mental and physical exhaustion leading to depletion and depression. It also causes more stress on our already over sensitised nerves - when what our nervous system really needs is a break from stress in order to recover. In the absence of this anxiety disorder can continue for years.

The method that I have faith in and has helped untold thousands worldwide to recover is the Acceptance method devised by DOctor Claire Weekes many years ago. Originally she developed it to help herself as a young woman when she developed anxiety disorder whilst studying to be a doctor and then described her method in a book 'Self help with your nerves' which is available from Amazon.

Briefly, her acceptance method means that we should stop 'fighting' the bad feelings and learn to accept them FOR THE TIME BEING with a minimum of fear and further stress. Fighting only causes more tension which perpetuates the over sensitivity of our nerves. By learning to stop frightening ourselves half to death with our symptoms and accepting them we deny our nerves the fuel that keeps them in a frazzled state - and eventually our nerves lose their over sensitivity and we recover from the nightmare we have been living. So the question is: can reading a book heal us of anxiety and if so are you willing to read it? It is quite short and written in a way tired minds can understand. Lastly, I do not have shares in the salevof this book😊 and I believe you will find reassurance, understanding and a plan for recovery should you decide to read it. I wish you well.


I feel the same way. Do your legs hpget shaky? I feel like after being upright the whole world is pressing down on my head and shoulders and I need to sit. I am also pretty dizzy all the time. I can't go on much longer like this. I also noticed this dizzy feeling is even worse during my periods ( made an appointment). I keep thinking this is a physical illness as well. I just don't know how this will resolve ( I did just start some psych meds). I feel like utter crap and resting all the time is also not helping


Yes I have read Claire weeks books for the last 20 years and have the tapes which l listen to . Yes doctor Claire weekes is a wonderful doctor, and yes I totally agree with everything she says , I just keep getting these setbacks which are in the books although I practise what she says to do, I do this ,but as you can imangine the feelings I get are really strong and although I try and not add second fear , I can't help it as it is only human nature. It seems that I was going to book a weekend away for my daughter son my husband and four grandchildren, I was willing to do it plus all the panic , but my son said this morning . That I will be ill again just before we go and that I have a travelling phobia and because I felt so weak I agreed with him as my confidence is nil , so I am not going and it doesn't help with the negativity family feed me. Anyway I will just keep plodding , maybe tomorrow will be a better day,I think over the last ten years with anxiety you loose faith in yourself and it's hard to make a descsion . Thanks


I'm so sorry that your family are unsupportive. Could you book a weekend away just for you & your husband? Then make yourself go? My therapist calls it opppsite action. Do what you dread as it'll make the dread less? I used to love to walk my dog but anxiety has made me dread it. This week I forced myself to do it every day & I do think it made me feel a bit better. I also felt less guilty as I didn't let the dog down :)

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Hello! Nobody should tell you to get over yourself. You have anxiety it's an illness. You are allowed to feel how you feel. I get how you would feel like you do. It's awful. I am trying magnesium, complex vitamin b and an adrenal support to see if they help. I'll let you know. It's great you are going out walking I make myself do that too. Also I've found breathing exercises help as does only thinking about 1 hour at a time. I hope this helps. Much love to you 🦋

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I understand life is full of reasons for anxiety. I am37and constantly have anxiety about dying. You have had tests done and their are No issues which is amazing for your age. I think you are very lucky and a lot of people your age and even younger probably wish they could be as healthy as you. So on that frontI'm excited for you.

I was just at my psychiatrist and he told me to take250mg off b6 to help worth the natural serotonin in my brain which helps you function more normal and have less anxiety. I have ocd which is anxiety also. A lot if people don't realize it comes in different forms so instead of doing things20 times i overthink.

I get lazy all the time and not want to do anything so the last2days i made myself go outside for a walk with my son. I think if you try something even that small you might notice energy return. As far as going far in a vehicle tell your husband the farthest you will go and then tell him to go5miles past that. Start small and try to add little things like that. You may have anxiety but after the5 or6time of traveling5miles further it may not bother you so much anymore realizing everything is still okay.

Do baby steps in each area you feel you struggle with. Tell yourself "get up quick and brush your teeth and we can lay down again for5minutes. Then get up and do something else and if you are exhausted sit in the recliner.

You are so lucky to be healthy. I hope you are able to get those other thoughts out if your mind so you can enjoy life. You still have a healthy one do enjoy it.

Just fyi i use FLUVOXAMINE every night and within a couple weeks you would notice much less anxiety.

Good luck

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