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Since my GAD has been diagnosed, I have been feeling so tired. I go to bed about 9.30 and sleep like as log until about 04.00 when I wake up feeling sick and dreading the coming day. Around lunchtime I'm so tired I can't be bothered to do anything and when I get home at 5.00 all I want to do is go to bed. I've never experienced anything like this before. Would it be part of my anxiety does any OK he know. Is anyone else in this position?

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Hi tech, I experience intense tiredness and I have GAD, but, I am also vegetarian, so Im not 100% sure if my tiredness is due to low iron levels or my GAD. A symptom of GAD is a lack of motivation and lethargy so this could be what you're experiencing, for me it's a case of powering through and keep going, although I could very easily sleep for the majority of the day! When I wake up I too often feel sick and dread the day, go to your GP and have a talk with him/her, if you're on any medication it could be that you're experiencing side effects, I hope you get the help you need xx


Thanks for your comments. I'm usually full of energy so was beginning to think there was something really wrong with me. I've just started on Sertraline so this could be a factor, though the dose i'm on at the moment (50mg) isn't doing a thing so i need to get it upped. Even at work i'm too tired to bother with anything though like you, i have to keep going. Thanks. x


I'm the same including vegetarian


Hi Tech. This was a major thing for me when I was suffering at my worst time so I can completely relate. I did nothing but sleep, I always wanted to be in bed, and it lasted for weeks, almost months.

My thoughts were that with my mind creating so much fear, ticking over things constantly, my body being effected, my eating patterns, everything was having an effect on my body and mind causing it to go into overdrive so it was no wonder I was so tired. From the adrenaline of the attacks, waking up early too as you say you do. I think tiredness is a big part of anxiety of any form. I tried to give myself the rest my body needed. I didn't fight it. When I was tired, I would lie down for an hour or I would go to bed early as I found I would become more relaxed. As I developed my confidence and understanding of anxiety more, I found I didn't need to rely on sleep as much. Even now though, if I am suffering from small symptoms of anxiety, I will lie on the couch with a cup of tea, or just lie in bed for a little bit.



Thanks for your reply. I've certainly been taking it easier recently. I get into work at 9.00 rather than 7.30 like i used to. Like you ive lost my appetite which doesn't help - i've even gone off chocolate!


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