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So tired

For 6 years now I have suffered from anxiety. I had a panic attack back in 2009 and ever since I haven't felt right. Everyday I have symptoms 24/7. It's amazing I have made it this long. I've had agoraphobia for a year and ever since have suffered from GAD. I feel so tired and everything feels less real. I guess that's what happens when you have suffered this long. In 6 years I've had one day where I felt normal. Constant de realization, muscle tension, mild dizziness, shortness of breathe and other symptoms. Doctors all say anxiety. I've tried SSRIs, Benzos and others. Nothing works. How do you live a life that feels so unreal. Everyone around me doesn't even know I feel this way. I'm so tired. Has anyone ever recovered from this nightmare? Best, GG

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I shared some of your symptoms. After 20 years on meds I am functional. At my worst I was unable to sleep at all, and had the same psychosis you mention. I'm good now. I spent a lot of money seeking professional help. NHS just didn't know what they were doing. Now I focus on diet (limited sugar), Sertraline 100 mg (best med i have ever come across), and exercise, reular sleep, and totally ignoring any anxiety of depression,,,,, if you focus on neural activity it actually grows within your brain, wrt the networks of neurons. Just objectively acknowledge a mood but give it no attention there on in. Find a hobby, mine was painting.. Throw yourself into it


35 years living with it its just now part of my daily life never a day goes by without one, just positive thinking love I've let I run my life ill be goddammned if I'm gonna let it run the rest. Bless you awefull feeling shitty everyday I know I keep busy. Sing dance ect


Yes! You can recover. I had a major panic attack that sent me to the hospital. I didnt feel normal for a few years. I finally got on meds. I was prescribed about 5 different meds until I found the right one, which was Zoloft, but it worked wonders. Ive never been one to take meds but im so thankful for this medication.


Thank you all for the kind responses. I have tried many meds and many different types of diversions without success. I guess I just have to keep trying. This life is so miserable and I am grateful for what I do have, but would give everything I own to feel normal.


Oh god I'm in the same boat..I have pressure in my head so bad that at times I feel like its going to explode..I'm dizzy all day and have severe pressure in my ears that I have to put cotton in them..I've taken Prozac Zoloft and nothing...I'm now on wellbutrin and 2 wks in I feel no difference.. I have to take xanax daily just to function but I'm scared of addiction...its just horrible and something that is difficult to live with


Your story is literally wrote about me, panic attack in 2012 housebound agoraphobic for a whole year feeling like the world is closing in on me just trying to leave the front door. I have tried every medication and therapy known to man, my way of managing is not to be too hard on myself I know it sounds sick but after all these years of suffering I'm starting to find it a very f#*****g funny everytime I have a panic attack I've started to actually want to have them I almost dare them to come on cos I think to myself I've had hundreds and haven't died yet so do your best anxiety!!! I would prefer to be dead than be housebound again so I force myself to go out and try and have fun even if it's going to the zoo or feeding some ducks e.t.c I also find I never have a panic attack in the rain so I must find the rain comforting in some way I love walking in it. In my opinion the key to beating anxiety is having fun, finding something or someone that makes you feel alive again because I think anxiety kills a part of us as it's up to us to remember what used to make us feel alive. Sometimes I just sit somewhere outside when the wind is blowing mainly cos I'm a lover of bad weather and I look around and study things like trees, birds, people, the sky e.t.c it sounds corny but I'm glad that I have anxiety because now that I'm starting to feel better I'm starting to realise what an amazing place the world is. The more you obsess over ways to beat anxiety the more anxious you will become it's like a never ending circle. I don't know what your situation is like in terms of friends,family, a partner. But my advice to you if you do have people close is to start making plans, days out, trips, shows, cinema, possibly even holidays and tell your self I'm going to have fun if it's the last thing I do cos you only get one life and there's defo no point in wasting it on being anxious! F U ANXIETY!!!!

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