So tired

I am so tired of my anxiety in trying everything ! Therapy , bio feed back , working out , meditation , meds .. I constantly feel that something is wrong .. Just saw a nureologist on Monday and already back to feeling something is wrong .. Have had m r I on head nothing ! My physical exam nothing , blood work nothing ! What do I do .. I try to convince myself it's anxiety and it makes me panic more each day

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  • its hard to believe but its true, its anxiety, some times i get so annoyed of worrying and thinking about it that i jus dnt care any more, because maybe if there was sumat wrong then i wouldnt have to suffer any more, that is the only time i feel a bit of relieve from worrying,but of course deep dwn i do care so it soon comes flooding back lol, i fink we jus need to keep trying to accept it, we will get it eventually xx

  • Did u get lots of head pressure and quick pains , my mri is clear u think I would feel better and saw nureo

  • i get so many different pains in my head, tingling, sharp pain like some one has stabbed me in the head, pressure like my brains swollen, i even get a feeling that veins are popping, tension headaches, migraines, pain in my eyes, temple ears , but i jus say to my self if something was seriously wrong id pass out or have a fit, but of course this never happens, stress and anxiety can make you feel so much, try not to worry about it, x

  • Yea those are exactly what I feel I'm

    Trying so hard and now just today i started to chest chest tightness tough to breathe haven't had that before mines always been a lil squeeze or quick sharp pain in my chest

  • i get chest pain also, do u fink it could be heart burn?? because anxiety messes with ur stomach x

  • Easily could be I've noticed lately my stomach has been off

  • Stomach issues causes all this symptoms including anxiety itself ...

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