Panic attack

So I'm just coming down from a panick attack. I started getting anxious because my throat is so dry and I couldn't take a deep breath. Also my body is sore from the physical therapy exercise I did and I started to think something isn't right lol. It lasted for about 20 mins and I got through it alone. I didn't wake my Hubby or call my Mom. I took slow breaths and started to pep talk myself mentally. Has anyone ever tried this? It worked a little. Any suggestions or other methods?


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5 Replies

  • Tanae, You did amazingly well on your own. A dry throat can make you feel like you can't swallow or take a deep breath. It's one of the reasons to make sure you are always well hydrated. Having body pain, even if you know where it came from, can put that thought in our mind that something is wrong. That's natural. Being anxious, we tune into every little thing that is different then we expect.

    Choosing not to wake your husband or mom was taking charge of your problem. More power to you. Yes, deep breathing and taking calming slow breathes helps relax your mind and body. Slowing down your breathing puts more oxygen into your lungs as well as makes your heart relaxed. The only other thing I would suggest (which I do) is along with deep breathing, try meditation. Listening to an audio of a soothing voice walking you through imagery of quiet peaceful moments will help in the relaxing feeling.

    I hope by now, you are quietly sleeping and having a peaceful night. Goodnight Tanae.

  • Thank You very much. You were right, I was sleeping lol. Yes an audio would have been Great and maybe it wouldn't have lasted so long. Thanks again

  • Have you ever tried running COLD water on the back of your wrists? Sometimes I find if it is chilly outside and I step out the cold air hits me and distracts me. You did should feel proud of yourself, nothing worse than a full blown and going through it alone. For a long time I never realized there is a difference between panic attacks and panic disorder....I know now I am definitely the disorder and of course have attacks too....I start reasoning? with myself as soon as I open my eyes due to the feeling of fear.....I seldom have ever totally been able to stop it alone. I applaud you! Way to go!

  • Thanks, I actually took your advice and tried running the cold water on my wrist that night because you mentioned it on another post. I will say it did bring me back to reality even though I still went in to panic, I was able to stay level headed . Thank You very much for sharing that with me!

  • you are welcome.....I try everything I hear about to overcome the horrible feeling of panic. Not all work but it's worth a try.

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