panic attack experience

Well here's mine so in june me and my cuz went down my aunts house btw im 16 and I dranked kinda alot well I just took a sip of pretty much everything and I smoked a lil bit of weed that night I was great I felt great so that tm night I was in bed and I was masterbating and ig I went to fast idk but 15 sec after I did that my heart started pounding really really fast then I got up and went to the kitchen open the freezer door to get some air I was very shortness of breath and I remember praying to god out loud bc it really felt like I was going to die no joke I was scared out my mind bc I never had experienced nothing like this and then I went to my mom's room and I told her to feel my heart and I was shaking to btw like crazy but she felt it she told me to breathe in and out and relax I slept with her that night but the next morning I went to the hospital and got x-rays and ekgs and blood took everything came back normal im just so confused and everyday I feelthis dreadful dying feeling in my body bc of it.

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  • It's part of your anxiety it's still in your body that's why it produces those feelings it takes time it's not something u can just remove it takes time though trust me....

  • it was just alot of adrenaline build up

  • Trust me I go trew that as well then I feel super drained.

  • I'm glad I didn't have another one it just left alot of fear behind alot

  • Continue to stay confident know your body signs and when it acts up just be like ok it's adrenaline we will get trew this.

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