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Anxiety with panic attack



Im 27 yrs old

Recently my heart started to beat fast, talked to a doctor over the phone he said nothing to be scared of.

I started to worry then about getting a heart attack or a stroke, thinking about it all the time and it scares me.

Sometime when i feel something unusual. I feel heat wave inside my face.

Ive been checking my blood pressure and usually it's 130/80. But last week i felt my heart beating fast so i guess i had another panick attack had upset stomach and started to puke..

I really don't know what to do, im not eating much anymore

Went to the doctor today had an ECG and it was abnormal, is it because im stressed?

Sometimes i also feel chest discomfort on the left side

Ive been thinking all time about my heart rate and blood pressure :(



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He didnt really get it nor understand my situation


Be calm and cool. I got the same feelings. The chest pain or any sign of heart attack are most probably the hallucinations. My suggestion is to go through a complete medical check up. Hopefully you will get nothing like heart disease but definitely it will improve your Condition. Trust me heart is not as weak or vulnerable As we think about it. You are a man and be a man. Start workout, sweat yourself, say these stupid feelings to give you their best shot. Don't surrender or yield before them. Stay blessed and happy...☺☺☺

Weedson in reply to Hidden

Thank you very much

Maybe you are dealing with changes in your life or entering New chapters in your life..I dunno if that helps..but I guess it's normal people encounter changes ,they might not be used to them yet ,but as you get by you will get used to...try talking to a therapist just to get clarity in your life...or maybe you are overworked and need (some peace,serenity) sometime for yourself...hope this of luck..

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