Dehydration or Panic attack?

So my girlfriend and i were in a disagreement but knowing im short tempered i guess you can say i went ape-shit. I was like this for an hour. But then it passed i decided to make things up and apologize. A while ago i was driving on the freeway and i guess i started reflecting on what i did. And my surroundings started to look unfamiliar. I felt Iike i was on the verge of a panic attack. My body was really hot and my heart was racing. This happened around 2pm. I didnt have anything to eat or drink at the time. Im assuming the energy from being really upset drained me? Or was i dehydrated.? The other thing that bothers me is that i might be bipolar


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  • Hummm, maybe you realized how unnecessary and inappropriate your "ape sh**!" behavior was. And maybe a risk to your future with your lady. How long do you think a woman will cope or put up with that type of insecure bullying behavior? A course in anger management rather than another "I'm sorry" may be appropriate.

    Anxiety can sometimes tap us on the shoulder and give us a wake up call. Your shoulder must very sore by now. :)

  • You're probably right. Im more grateful that shes been putting up with me for 8 months and counting already. Even my mom warned her about my temper. And yes maybe i might need some anger management. My shoulder and head is killing me at the moment with a spinning type of sensation.

  • Smart man. :)

    When someone asked curvy tall blonde Jessica what she saw in Roger Rabbit, her sultry answer was "He makes me laugh."

    No woman says she likes a man's hateful screaming.

    My best to you, your lady, Jessica, and Roger. :)

  • Thank you very much. I see your posts on here regularly but i don't comment. I do read them however. Best wishes and good luck. Keep fighting :)

  • Oh, please start participating, please....time for some fresh perspective.

  • Chala555, Dehydration definitely played a big part of surroundings looking unfamiliar, on the verge of a panic attack as well as feeling real hot and heart racing. Between the disagreement that drained you as well as no food or water, you spiraled downwards. No fuel in your body and so everything gets strange looking, strange feelings develop. I hope you are feeling better now.

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