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fed up of unknown pain


im 16 and I've experienced a range of pains in many different places for over a year now

Around june last year I had a blood count of 5 which is a third less of what your meant to have, I had three blood transfusions but I was never diagnosed, some may believe it's related to stress. For the next 5 months I was perfect, but the past three months I have had various chest pains, kidney area pains and lower back as well as arm. Ive had many tests, ECG's, chest xrays, CT scans and blood tests for heart etc but still nothing.

Recently I had a terrific amount of pain around the whole of the left chest, lower rib and lower back for 25 minutes which I felt like I was dying, but it was relieved by lying on the side, I personally believe it was an anxiety attack but unsure.

I am fed up and want to know what it is, I believe it could be stress as its mainly when I think about it but want other opinions as I havnt had any tests related to stress, however I have my gcses which may contribute to stress.

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Hey, sounds like stress to me buddy. Like you said you have taken the time to get ECG's, chest xrays, CT scans and blood tests, good for you for doing that by the way, and no bad results have come back, meaning your clean, meaning its not your heart or a serious issue with your body. Exam time is stressful for everyone, there isnt one person out there who enjoys exams, they are, in their nature, stressful things, trying to learn as much as you can and try and remember what youve read and studied in your mind for exam day. To me, it sounds like anxiety, possibly a panic attack. Learn to treat yourself better, dont over study, because people do do that, take it on one day at a time. If you want, you could always talk to your doctor about seeing a therapist. There is plenty of things online that can help and give you peace of mind, plenty of meditation videos on youtube, find one that is right for you and try it out once a day, or when you feel you might need it. Go easier on yourself, treat yourself the way you would treat a very good friend or someone you love. Drink less caffeine is thats what your doing, I remember I did around exam time. Take it easy buddy, let me know how you go :)

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Thanks a lot, I will definitely start thinking about reducing stress and i'll keep you updated.

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