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Chest pain

For the past month I've been having chest pain, been dizzy, had a awkward taste in my mouth, fast heart beat, muscle spasms, lower abdominal pain and headaches. Went to the er three times they did alot of tests. Total 3 Chest x rays, a head and abdomen ct scan, ekg, took blood twice. Everything came back good. Does anyone of a idea of what might be causing this? Could it be anxiety or stress? I honestly feel like im dying, i cry alot because i don't wanna die. But if i was dying they would have known at the er right? Could it be a nerve disorder? Is someone going through something similar? I feel like at any minute i could just drop dead. Please help!!

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Sounds like panic attacks. I suffered from heart palpitations, muscle twitches on different parts of my body and have had moments where I've felt faint. I have had countless tests at hospital. Electrocardiogram, chest x rays, ecg, blood tests and an mri but nothing out of the ordinary was detected. Still have occasional issues with palpitations and twitches. Doc put it down to panic attacks, stress and anxiety. Thought I was dying too. The more you think about it the worse it gets. I went for long walks, did some meditation. Also recommend a Swedish massage. Good at oxygenating your body. 


It could be panic.

Another possibility is vitamin B12 deficiency.

You can find a checklist of symptoms here


Medics tend not to be very aware of B12 deficiency - full range of symptoms ... or the fact that the test that is usually done - serum B12 is not a sufficient guide to what is going on to be used in isolation from symptoms.  It is also common to believe that you can only be B12 deficient if you are anaemic - generally macrocytosis -  but anaemia is a symptom and around 20-30% of people present with neurological before anaemia develops.  So, not something that is looked at as standard.  Folate levels should be checked at the same time as you need folate to process B12.

If you think it is likely then I would recommend joining this forum


Yes I think most of us have experienced all of that. It's scary when you don't know what's going on but once you know and have had the tests done to reassure you it's nothing serious I hope things will settle down for you :) 


Yep that is me to a T! I've been to 3 ER's telling them I'm dying! Had blood work, CT scans and x-rays at all 3. Went to a neurologist, cardiologist and psychiatrist and everyone said I'm fine and it's anxiety!


I get that too.  In fact, I am having that all day... I told my niece that I have shoulder pain, arm pain, lower abdomen pain, nausea, headache, jaw pain & jumpy sensation in chest so please be sure to tell the paramedics what time it started in case I pass out.  I wish I knew what is going on......

I was treated for a tick borne illness a few years ago, so maybe related?


Tyler, yes indeed the ER would know if you were dying.  That's good that all the tests came back normal.   It sure sounds like you are having anxiety from the stress.  You are under stress worrying about the symptoms that your anxiety is causing.  Round and round it goes until  you feel that you must be dying.   You're not.  Until you are ready to accept these symptoms as "not life threatening" the circle of fear will continue.  It is sometime that you will learn in time.    Be well,  be happy!


I have been feeling the exact same way and I'm tryin to figure out what is wrong with me since the doctors keep saying everything is fine and normal.


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