Chest pain

Hi everyone.

So the MRI results came back and the results were great. No issues picked up which points to this being anxiety related.

I am still experiencing chest pains though. I've read on here that chest pains are quite common with anxiety. I worry a lot about heart attacks.

Does anyone else get small localised like stabbing chest pains that last for a minute or so? I woke up with some and I'm stressing. Pain level was 1or 2 out of 10. Best described as short and sharp. I was wondering if the is the type of pain others experience.

Thanks everyone.


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11 Replies

  • Hi Pete87, I get those same sharp, stabbing type chest pains from time to time. It goes away as fast as it came because it is due to tight muscles and nerve like pain. It is not dangerous or related to the heart in any way. It is a muscular skeletal issue and not an organ problem. Many people experience this pain. It is deep rooted to anxiety disorder.

  • Thank you Agora.

    I knew a lot of people get these pains but thebword pain can have so many different feelings. That's why I elaborated and described as sharp stabbing pains. It's nice to know these aren't dangerous.

    Thanks again for the reassurance.

  • Yessss! I'm thinking bout going to the hospital.. I always have them, but the past few days its been happening a lil more!

  • Mines too dont know been having it a little bit more

  • Me too I'm still going to see a cardiologist though

  • Yes man i have the same thing ai thought i was the only one wow i have it all the time like mostly every day it comes like asharp shooting pain then it goes away and i was sleeping last night and woke up with some pain its crazy .

  • Chest pains and headaches are the commonest symptoms of health anxiety

  • Yup get them in my head also due to tight jaw muscles. I have tmj so it's expected. I thought the worse as I'm new to anxiety (one year since diagnosis). I've learned to say fuck it. Feels like hell but whatever ya know

  • I dislocated my jaw and now suffer with tmj on top of chest pain and headaches...I too don't care anymore come what may.

  • Feels like shit. Working out makes mine worse. The muscle strain amplified the pain when I'm trying to relax afterwards. But I know I'm healthy. Just gonna remember to breathe properly.

  • Same been struggling with it since September 2016 started after an endoscopy and gastritis. I think it is my chest muscles but sometimes I think it might be an infection like Streptococcus or an auto immune disorder like fibromyalgia or lupus because my joints are swelling and I get a rash. Then again it could be summer allergies. My doctors can't find anything.

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