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Chest pain

Im tired of this chest pain. Its been going on for a month and a half. Its not just chest pain either, i have headaches, muscle spasms, fast heart rate, weird taste in my mouth, feel like im not me as if im outside my body. I went to the er three times. They did alot of tests. Total they took blood twice, did a egk, a chest and head ct scan, and three chest x rays.i seen my doctor she said she thinks i have asthma and gave me a inhaler. Which didn't work. Alot of people think it could be anxiety but idk. Im a 17 year old male. Could it possibly be a growth spurt? Im scared that one day im just gonna die. Does anyone have similar symptoms?

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Hi Tyler7698,   You seem to have had all the important tests done in the ER.

However, the doctor thinking you may have asthma is too iffy.  Using an inhaler

could give you the fast heart rate and headaches.  Do you have a GP that you can

go to and get the asthma diagnosis cleared up.    It could very well be anxiety, do

you have something bothering you in the last month and a half that may have brought

these symptoms on?  You need to have a diagnosis so that you know what direction

to go to....medical or emotional.    I wish you well. 


One thing that helped me get rid of the chest pain was to jog everyday for a week. I know that's kind of scary to do when you're having chest pain but since I had my heart cleared by a cardiologist I wasn't as worried. Try being active and maybe it will help. Also being 17 means there probably isn't too much seriously wrong with you so don't worry too much.


Do you have anxiety?? By the sounds of it like feeling like you are outside your body sounds like anxiety. I feel the same way. I get chest pains when I get nervous and sometimes the pain can be unbearable and feel like they are lasting for everrrr.

Maybe speak to your doctor about anxiety and maybe ask to go on a low dose of medication and see if that helps.

I hope you find out what's wrong soon.


I was just experiencing these same symptoms about a month ago. I felt incrediblely ill didn't even feel like getting out of bed. It wasn't like a flu or a cold but I defiantly felt ill hard to explain. My chest hurt my back hurt my neck hurt I had heart palpations did a lot of crying because I felt like I was gonna die. About two weeks ago I woke up with chest pains & kept having heart palpitations so I went to the ER where they cleared me also. I had to EKG a chest x-ray & lots of blood work. My only problem now is my breathing it's really depressing I feel at times I can't take a full breath I always always yawn. My chest gets tight. I was told a may have bronical spasms she prescribed me an inhaler but I never used it, well for that matter I never picked it up. Because that was the beginning of all this & I wasn't convinced that's what this was. It could be possible I may have asthma but I want to do every test possible. & also be checked for allergies. I hope you are feeling better 😊

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Hi again Tyler,   any better this evening?    Wishing you a better day tomorrow.


Hello, I have had the same symptoms for a very long time. I told my doctor about them and he done some test on me and found out that I had GERD , which is another word for acid reflux, my chest would hurt so bad and feel tight like I was about to have a heart attack. He prescribe medicines which made it feel better...I hope you feel bettee

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