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Bone broth & vitamins 💗

Has anyone tried this?

I really wanna make some, I have researched and found so much stuff that it helps!

Also are any of you guys currently taking vitamins? Along with medication?

Right now I take..

.5mg klonopin once a day

Fish oil.. magnesium... biotin and also a woman's multi vitamin....

occasional melatonin for sleep

Do any of you guys have any suggestions on vitamins or have y'all tried bone broth? 🙂 Thanks

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I always take those same things and also take Vitamin D.

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I take the same vitamins plus b12 and 1000mg vitamin c.

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Cool thanks guys

Have y'all found any vitamins that help anxiety... i know magnesium is supposed to help


I don't take any meds but I do take the following supplements...

Vit C

High potency B Vitamins



Evening Primrose

Flaxseed oil

Occasional iron pills


I also take premixed homeopathic remedies for anxiety and panic.



Rescue Remedy


Does all that help you ? And what symptoms are you struggling with ?


Yes it helps because a lot of my anxiety has arisen as part of post trauma and hormonal fluctuations. On its own though diet is not enough. I also see a Christian cbt counselor fortnightly and spend time in prayer and reading. Also daily exercise and plenty of sleep is important. Sunshine too is very important I aim for 10 minutes twice a day without sun protection.

As for my issues I have developed a heightened adrenal response to stress which results in headaches, dizziness, heart palpatations and fear whenever I experience stress. I also suffer extreme driving anxiety which can at times cause panic attacks.

The supplements are not a cure but they help keep my hormones balanced and my mood balanced which makes it easier to address my anxiety and helps to calm the general anxiety and minimise the panic attacks because if I am physically healthy then becoming mentally healthy is more likely.

Plus actively working to improve ones health is a positive and proactive thing to do rather than dwelling on the negatives.

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Me in a nut shell!


Okay that is good to hear that it helps.. Where did you buy all your supplements ? And do you take it all in the morning ?


I buy most of my supplements at the health shop up the road. They have a medical herbalist on staff and are very knowledgeable.

In the AM with breakfast I take...

Vitamin C

Evening Primrose Oil

B Vitamins (


Herbal Anxiety Relief (

CoQ10 (

At lunch I take...

Evening Primrose

Shortly before dinner I take...

A herbal anxiety remedy

An hour before bed I take...


If I've woken up with higher than normal anxiety levels I'll take magnesium in the morning too and if even I feel I am getting a migraine I take 2 magnesium with ibuprofen as soon as I start getting that visual aura.

If I have to drive somewhere I take 4 drops of Rescue remedy & homeopathic Panicmed 15 minutes before leaving and again when I get in the car. Then if I start to get anxious while driving or feel panic coming on I pull over and take 1 more dose. (Beware it is a tincture so has alcohol in it to preserve it.)

Here is a great summary of things that help me...

Of course this is what helps me and I am not a doctor or a naturopath so I recommend you see both to find out what will help you best.


Is all these products natural supplements ?


Yes. In an ideal world you should be able to have all your nutritional needs met without supplements but I have found that at times natural supplements are beneficial.


What is primrose?


Evening Primrose has both Omega fatty acids and also natural progesterone which helps to balance a woman's hormones.


Evening Primrose Oil is the official name and it comes in capsule form. The typical dosage is 1 capsule 3 x a day. The only precaution that I am aware of is not to take it during pregnancy or if trying to get pregnant.

Bone broth made with grass fed organic meat would probably give you a good range of proteins, iron and other animal product sourced vitamins and minerals but many vitamins are obtained from plant sources so would need to come from somewhere else. If your meat is not from a grass fed organic source you'll be adding pesticides, antibiotics and genetically modified products into your broth which is likely to undermine any health benefits of the broth.

Some vitamins and in particular Vitamin C are destroyed in the cooking process so ensuring you eat plenty of raw fruit and vegetables is important as are raw nuts and seeds.

If you are deficient in specific vitamins and minerals which is often the case with magnesium, selenium and zinc then supplements can be added in support of a healthy diet.

However, eliminating ALL red flag "non-nutritional" products is important beyond most everything else.

The recommendation is to eliminate the following non-food products altogether...

Coffee and all other sources of caffeine (soda, tea etc...)

Sugar and artificial sweeteners

White starches (white flour, bread, rice etc...)

All additives and preservatives.

Food colouring

Artificial favouring

Flavourful enhancers especially #621, 627, or any other number starting with 62....

Packaged foods... if it is sold sealed in plastic or foil then it typically holds little to no nutritional value and will have additives and preservatives and often artificial flavoring and colouring.

So just adding bone broth and supplementsisn't really the best course of action. A whole rethink of the diet is needed.


The best thing to do would be to see a naturopath who can test for deficiencies and recommend appropriate supplements and dietary considerations specific to YOUR needs.


Thanks so much for the advice! That's the direction I'm hoping to go towards 🙂


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