Symptoms of low energy

Hello I am a 27 year old female I started getting slight anxiety symptoms in August of 2014 and slowly they got more intense. I had shortness of breath panic attacks compulsive thinking and a feeling of being off balance , also decreased appetite . Recently a lot of symptoms went away however the one that still persists is feeling low of energy all day ,weakness a feeling run down and when I wake up I don't feel like I had a refreshing sleep . I have not tried any medications yet and I'm not sure if I should . I do really need a relief . Have any of you tried st jons wort ? I've heard that it's good for anxiety and low energy . Also wanted to try acupuncture


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  • St John's Wort is helpful for depression (and even some anxiety)... I take it and it helps me. I also take one 5htp with my first 1 St J'sW pills in the mornings... The feeling of tiredness can really be discouraging (I know that very well!!) Have they tested your thryroid? Sometimes your adrenals could be the problem. I take Ashwaghanda (capsule form) for that...It seems to help... Sometimes its just a 'spell' you are going through and eventually it WILL go away... (I know...not soon enough, right!? :) ) Good luck to you.

  • Thanks for your help :) yes the feeling of tiredness is awful. I feel like my knees get weak and feel faint through the day . It makes it hard to do anything like go to work etc . I went to a health food store and got this sunshine in a bottle vitamins and it has st jons wort in it so I'll try to take this and see if it helps . I did blood tests a few months ago and they said they checked my thyroid and it was ok so I'm not sure .

  • Good, Ella! I hope it helps you! Just remember to give it time.... oh how we wish there was this Instant Magic Pill..! :)

  • Let me know your thoughts on SJW. I have it and have been reluctant to take it. It definetaly gives you energy though.. I have a friend that took it. Excersizing helps to increase energy as well... easier said than done when you are feeling tired though, I know! Accupuncture is pretty good for anxiety as well, that I have tried. Gets pricy though!

  • I will for sure I'm starting to take a multivitamin with st jons wort in it so I'll see if it helps. Yes acupuncture would be expensive but worth a try . Thanks :) yes it's hard to want to exrsise or anything because I feel so run down

  • I had about 3 sessions of acupuncture which really helped but it was $150 Australian dollars a session I really want to go back though

  • Thanks for ur reply :) yes I'm hoping to try it soon I know it's pricey . Did they give u any at home treatments

  • Yes they gave me Chinese medicine to take that was included in the price

  • Did it help after the first session u did

  • yes the first session helped so much with the tension in my back and neck I noticed I felt so much better in my neck and head after the second two I felt better with the anxiety and shakiness

  • Does anyone feel off balance and feeling faint the ought the day

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