Bone cancer???

So for over a year now ive had left leg pain which i get everyday!! It feels like a deep aching pain which is really irritating and goes from the top of my leg down to my foot..I can still do things such as walking, zumba twice a week.. But i am terrified it could be bone cancer or like a sarcoma in my leg!!! I have a little bit of a lump which i can press in, not sure if it is just fat? but it also looks like a bruise!!

I have been to the doctors and told them about my leg pain when going about my thyroid issue and all they have said is "pain is common in thyroid problems" ?? But it is just in one leg!! So it has to be somethig else such as bone cancer!!


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  • If you've had it over a year its not bone cancer , that a very aggressive form of cancer which can kill you with it weeks!! Sorry if I'm been blunt there.. So stop thinking its that :-) it could be anything I pulled a mussel in my leg months ago and its still at me so annoying I could be fine for a day or two and then it will flair up again :-) so it sounds to me you have the Same issue..

  • Ow love whizz said it after all this time, is it like a cramping feeling there all the time especially when resting in bed, pay keeps you awake xx my partner Karl gets it cope able during day, but at night eww his is sciatica, always on left side take a painkiller at bedtime it can last weeks months. Not serious just not a good thing to have nagging pain all the time. Try cocodamol should ease it. Xx mandy๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Yes it feels kind of crampy, almpst like it is about to cramp up. But i also get some sharp pains and sometimes a numb feeling in my little toe. But it isnt actually numb..

    I cant understand why i have had this for a year!! Its starting to worry me alot as i am at that age where bone cancer is the most common!!

  • Have a word with the doctor about it but I'm sure he'll. Say sciatica, deffo not bone cancer after all this time, my partners had it years get numb n shooting pains but it the cramp feeling that keeps him awake it comes and goes. Xxx mandy๐Ÿ˜Š

  • I have told him about it before, but he said nothing. It first started of with a weak feeling and then i started to get pain which is just about always there.. Even my knee hurts. If it was bone cancer would it be really bad after a year? Im still really worried about this or a soft tissue sarcoma

  • You would know by now if it was bone cancer, have you been googling by any chance, xxx lol I'm so against googling symptoms, you only scare yourself silly. Google will turn a nose bleed into a brain haemorrhage if you catch my drift, lol. Your doctor isn't concerned so I would stop worrying, doctor does nothing for Karl just painkillers whenever he needs them. If the pains there all the time, id consider checking your mattress on your bed sounds bizarre but a wornout or old mattress can cause many aches and pains, my left shoulder been hurting for months, and I know its my bed causing this. Lol ๐Ÿ˜ xxxmandy

  • Yes i google alot.. I used to be really bad and had therapy which helped me control my anxiety.

    Ive only just had a new matress so it cant be that haha. Do you know if sciatica can last for a year or more and if the pain can go to the front of my thigh aswell as the back? And the pain seems to be at the side of my calf and down to my foot..

  • Karl has had it years and yes his entire leg and across his back, his leg and feet go numb too, plays up every now and then not all the time though comes and goes. Xxx mandy๐Ÿ˜‰ ill ask him for how long for deffo he harbor and get back to you

  • Karl had I years lol doc just give him painkillers basically a trapped nerve, can do excersises to strengthen inner core muscles,

  • My knee and leg is at me months now, funny the pain goes when I exercises but at night when I'm still there the pain starts :-( my partner says it all part of getting old :-/ need less to say he got a cold dinner last night lol ;-) I'm sure you'll be fine , if it was bone cancer sorry after a year you'd be having cemo by now or worse!!

  • I have same in my shoulders been months keeps me awake obviously not sciatica there all the time even now like a cookoo clock if I concentrate its there if not it ain't lol. like that fickin song Marvin gay n get it on still there pwhaaa your fault hahaha obey jeyshus lol ๐Ÿ˜

  • Lol oh no not that feckin song AGAIN!!! Lol :-) ha do you think it could be arthritis?? Only saying it because my mam has it in her shoulders its worse in cold weather ..

  • Probably I havent been to docs lol I am 1away from 50 hmmm dont worry me, I shattered my ankle around 10 yrs ago nearly foot had screws plates and scaffolding right up to my knee to mend bones, took months and months to heal 3 operations now it collapses on me my foot and ankle is twice size the other one. Deformed lol but i still have It painfull as it is now pain is excruciating at times. Xxx not been about that either, xx mandy๐Ÿ˜ž

  • I know Mandy I HATE doctor's hospitals or anything to do with anything medical lol and you don't want to be near me when I'm sick lol even watching hospital programs on TV start me panicking lol I don't know how I had 3 children drug free ;-) ;-)

  • Ha ha I had twins but had epidural no choice gave birth to David first twin then had to do it all again, unfortunately lees heartbeat stopped mo time fo c section, so there they went gloves hand up my orifisc obeyjeysus did I know how a cow felt, ow yes put venturous on his head and he appeared. Bless him looked like id given birth to an alien ๐Ÿ‘ฝ pointed head lol but he was alive. Now ay 22"they're still a pain in my arse at time but I wouldn't change a.bloody thing this mother ship is in love big style with her little aliens she delivered to this planet, battered body work or not, ha ha xxx love ya kid love your posts, your the tonic without the gin xxx Mandy ๐Ÿ˜

  • Awh lovely story , yes I have two boys and one girl :-) but the boys are mammy's boys aren't they There 4 and 10months little devils ;-) lol my mam does say to me I don't know how you have time be anxious lol believe me if I'd ten kids I'd still be thinking I'm dying every day lol :-) :-) but no defiantly wouldn't change them for the world , good night xx

  • Wow and mine is a complete hip replacement and I am complaining of bone pain. Pain in thyroid yes, but why don't they do more tests.

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