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How can i change my thoughts


I always think of negative and the worse. Reading positive quotes does not help me

I get daily anxiety attacks and sometimes panic attack. I had one today at tesco and couldn't walk because of the weakness and palpitations. Before my starts i think of the worst.

Symptoms i have on daily basis:

Palpitations - heart rate of 120-150


Heavy and light headed

Hot and Cold sensation


Jelly legs

Tiredness and lack of energy

Stomach acid

Muscle aches

Can anyone recommend anything please as im scared od getting out of bed due to another attack, i also have phobia of heights and planes

Can you recommend anything please any vitamins. I do take Propanolol 10mg as required.

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Hi there. I’m new to this, bit I’ve been researching some and ran across the some good info. Have you tried putting your face in icy water when it gets that intense? I’ve read it actually resets your nervous system so that you can calm down.

Here are a couple of links. I hope you are able to feel better!

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Hi thanks ever so much i will definitely give it a try

The key is to learn to accept these thoughts, whatever they are, just observe them and let them be, rather than trying to change them or struggling to make them go away. The fear we feel comes from inside us when we react to unpleasant thoughts or feelings. When we try to make them go away, they get stronger. When we relax and "float" across them and let them be, they gradually weaken until they are gone.

Please take a look at some of this user's posts, they helped me quite a bit:

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Thanks alot will have look at them

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To go off what teemo1 said, meditating might be helpful (I recommend an app called headspace to get started). It helps you learn to do just that, watch thoughts pass without engaging them.

I also find the power of habit to be useful. If you tell yourself every day (whether you believe it or not) that you’re gonna be ok, eventually you’ll find yourself thinking ‘maybe I will be ok.’ But you have to be persistent, if you mess up just try again and keep going. When you catch yourself thinking dark thoughts correct them.

I used to (and still do occasionally) go down the rabbit hole of everything that wrong in my life, and constantly say to myself ‘I am not ok’ but it was just making things worse, so whenever I caught myself saying that I would say ‘alright what are you gonna do about it? Cause if you’re not ok now you will be.’ And the negative thoughts have decreased since I started doing that.

Hope that helps!

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Hi thanks alot appreciate your time and effort i will definitely try it from today and change the way of thinking

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I do guided meditations using the Headspace app every day, in fact! I'm 2/3 of the way through the 30-day Managing Anxiety series. It seems to help quite a bit. I now think of anxiety less as a condition I have or something that happens to me, and more as something I do to myself.

I practice the Acceptance and Floating techniques I learned from a book called Hope and Help for Your Nerves by Dr. Claire Weekes. I try never to make any decisions based on anxiety. If I think doing something will make me anxious, I get out and do it, and think of it as a chance to practice managing my anxiety.

And I come on to this forum and get lots of support and advice!

Yes magnesium glycinate !

Have a look at Dr Claire Weekes videos on YouTube she is excellent and will help you see things differently and how your symptoms all arise from thoughts

I take magnesium which helps me relax and sleep

Good luck and remember you are not alone xx

Thanks alot will have a look now

You have all the list of symptoms at hand,. Try a list of ways to combat them and keep it with you and read all the time. Try to learn meditation. Also to help control your thinking. Ray

Thanks alot I have made a list of things to do hopefully it will change things

You are going to be okay :) Going through some dark days myself as well, but nothing lasts forever. Keep the hope up, accept everything, and although its very hard, im sure u are going to have a solution for everything in time. In the meantime, do some excersise, read a good book, listen to some groovy music, and learn to laugh at your flaws.

Hang in there! :)

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I do try and changing my thoughts but when ever I go for a walk i think of the worst what if this happens that happens and then I get heart palpitations and other symptoms, I have been avoiding things for the past 3 months or so

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Look you have to face these things, allow these feelings to come up and dont be afraid of them.

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