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Hi everyone im really struggling at the moment ive been gettin an uneasy feeling like i need to burp and sometimes i do but sometimes i dont and then im gettin chest pains mostly on the left side by my heart area and its scaring me to pieces.

My neck shoulders are very tense sometimes i can even feel my shoulder easing the tension were my muscle has relaxed and sometimes i feel the pain if i move and also when breathing in i can feel it too.

Ive been going thru a really tough time this week dealing with a death in the family and other personal problems. I just need any feedback support and advice has anyone else every experience this. I hope you are all feeling better than i am.

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I am sorry to hear about your bereavement , but I can see clearly this is what is causing you to feel like you do

When I lost my Dad I suffered with the worse indigestion ever , went on for months till I started to sort myself out as well as my HA going into overdrive !

I think once you get pass what has just happened everything will settle down again , meanwhile tell yourself that it is quiet common for everything to flare up when you are going through such times as you are at the moment and make sure you get some time where you can take yourself away , just to have a nice warm soak in the bath or if you do any meditation something to relax your body and mind it needs it at the moment

Take good care of yourself x

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Thank u so much for your reply i hope this all settles down im trying my best to not be so hard on myself but thats easier said than done.

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Give it time :-) But if you really start struggling have a word with your Doctor even if to just give you peace of mind , when my indigestion kicked in after going through loosing my Dad I could not settle and ended up having a Barium meal procedure done , and the moment they said everything was find guess what all the indigestion problems went ! which just shows what a powerful thing the mind can be

It is never as easy as said than done but keep trying because eventually it does get easier and I think once you get through this difficult time things will settle down again :-) x

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I have this problem chest hurts and the need to burp is annoying help how make it go away


Hi Cwood, seems that you are going to a rough moment for the loss of your family member. It happened to me with the loss of both my parents. Remember all the good times and special memories... that gets me through day by day.

I wouldn't hurt to get a check up with your doctor, so you could be more at ease... Stay positive! :)


Thank u and will definetly cherish those memories.


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