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Has any1 else had that sickness virus?

Bin in bed or on sofa 4 a week wiv sweats, migrains + nausea. the nausea is horrible(feel on verge of vomittin) cant eat + hardly drink anythin. thought i was gettin better 2 day but has come bck this evenin. feel terrible.+ the nausea is also makin me feel really panicky. dnt need this on top of my nervous illness, like any1 whos nervously ill doesnt need som other illness also. crisis team said 2 go 2 c my gp if it doesnt go but i dnt think GP can do anythin 4 sickness bug, ill jst hav 2 hope it clears soon. if any1 else has had it how lng did it lst 4 as im gettin quite fed up now. i was also sick wiv a bug b4 xmas , plus had a sinus infection + water infection at xmas. must b run dwn. P.S wot r tags 4 wen writin blogs + questions? hope u all good health wiv kindest regards leeanne.x

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Hi Leeanne your right your body is just run down I have just got over my second cold in four weeks if you go to you doctor he may give you health salts as I had these when I was sick and also maybe try a multivitamin x


yes i too have had the sickness bug no vomiting just the nausea horrible was able to eat just feeling like shit there is a lot about hope it doesnt last too long for u xxx


Thanku, was not able 2 eat + could hardly drink thats why crisis team told me 2 go drs, its 2nd bout since jst b4 xmas. it jst seems 2 never end, i think im gettin better + then its bck again. the migrains + nausea r really bad. i never go 2 drs or hospital hardly ever, hav 2 b extremly desperate, but i was quite scred this time + was thinkin in doin so. i think im not as bad but am still bed ridden. how lng does it lst. kindest regards leeanne.x


Hiya Leanne

Tags are words you put into the tag-box . They are specific words used to attract people to your post.

For example, if I had written a post about:-

"Does Coffee cause anxiety",

Then the tags I might put into the tag box could be: "Nescafe", "Shaking" "Beverages", "Tea", "insomnia" ..... etc.

They are words people might put into the search engine to look for specific posts.

....Vince : )


Thanku vince, hope ur feelin well.x


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