Hi every1 whos bin supportin me, still feelin terrible

Bin Drs 2day + they think ive had yet another bad reaction 2 sertreline. Feel mentaly + physicaly ill. Causin bad suicidal thoughts, feelin crazy as well as extreme agitation+ never mind the sickness + dihorea. Aparently they can hav this efect on som people Dr said. Im so anoyed as bin tellin the crisis team 4 wks that i was not well + gettin wose daily. Dr put me on 5mg of diazepam, not doin anythin think dose needs increasin, i think im so distressed i need an elephant 2 knock me out. Crisis Dr is comin out to me 2morrow, has said i might hav 2 go in hospital + am so scared. Hav also bin given antibiotics + so scared of takin them as ive had 2 many severe reactions 2 meds + the lst thing i need is any contribution 2 this adverse reaction havin on sertreline. Will b ill wivout any antidepressants jst hope i can find 1 that suits me. I was good on citolopram but Drs changed them 4 my anxiety. P.S thank u all 4 ur support, u really r a luvly bunch.**


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  • Lindenlea They all take about 3 weeks, to get used to them, so try to keep them up, I have been on Diazepam for many years, and am on Cipralex, am agoraphobic, and have GAD, cant be alone, Bless you my friend .

  • Wot takes about 3 wks 2 work, if ur on about sertreline ive bin on 4 about 5 + a half wks. but if ur on about diazepam thought they were instant.

  • So scared i hav 2 go in hospital but know it may b best thing. Has any1 else bin in or any advice would b much appreciated.**

  • Just want to say be carefull as all psychiatric medication can have horrendous side effects and yes they can in some people cause suicidal thoughts. Maybe your body is telling you that you need a rest from them. Because drugs deplete natural vitamins in your body sometimes you can become even more anxious whilst taking them. Be kind to your body. Sit quietly and sip soothing cammomile tea, also drink horlicks at night and try not to drink too much tea and coffee. This makes anxiety worse Also try taking vitamin B complex.

    If you have a psychiatrist involved in your care they will probably keep prescribing more and more drugs. You have the right to ask for alternative help if you want it such as psychotherapy (talk therapy) . Psychiatric drugs do not agree with everyone and they sometimes do more harm than good. , They can also be addictive but this is just my opinion and I am writing this because I care about peoples health.

  • Sometimes it can take quite a few weeks for the medication to work, and your right, they do give you frightening thoughts. They all seem to rush through your head all together. Sometimes dangerous thoughts. I mentioned this to my Dr and told him to advice others who were taking AD that these thoughts will happen, but they do work though. It takes TIME

  • Yeah thank u. I will b very carefull about any medication in future. Got antibiotics 2day of the Dr + im now even scared 2 take them as says can cause anxiety/nervousness. I would hav never thought that meds could hav such disturbin effects. Feel a million times worse + will b very aprehensive about takin meds in future. people give good advice tell u 2 try 2 relax + take ur mind of things, keep ocupied but wen u r so mentaly ill + way past that stage u hav 2 try jst 2 keep safe.

  • All they do is dish out pill after pill. Mental health is now very big business for drug companies, they do not tell you the truth about the damage these drugs can do to your overall health. Psychiatrists turn people into patients for life , merely managing symptoms but never actually curing anyone. Try and read up about psychiatric drugs if you can. A brilliant book is "Beyond Prozac" by Doctor Terry Lynch. Also watch "The marketing of maddness" at cchr.org

    I have seen what psychiatric drugs can do to people. Its really shocking. I myself take homeopathic medicine when Im ill as it is very gentle on the body. You can get yourself well with the right help, a healthy diet and a positive attitude. Good luck, let me know what happens x

  • Thank u Optimistic9 + i think ur defo right. Think i might also try alternitive treatment. Heard on ere about a compound, i think is called hp5 or somthin like that. Is supossed 2 work 4 depression. Bst wishes my friend.**

  • Mental health drs bin 2 visit 2 day. Said i am very sensitive 2 meds, need 2 tread carefully but will find 1 that suits me. So bin prescribed venafelexine, also small dose of anti phycotic drug , plus was put on diazepam yesterday, dnt work 4 me, think my anxiety is 2 intense. Can i find any thing that works? goin 2 take my meds but wiv caution + hope im ok. Wot choice do i have. Hav decided not 2 google any side effects.**

  • This lst try as tried that many different meds in such a short space. If doesnt work 4 me + hav anymore bad reactions think will go dwn herbal route. Its jst wiv my illness bein so bad not sure if herbal would b strong enough 4 me, but defo think it helps wiv milder cases.**

  • Hello again, just wondered what exactly have you been diagnosed with?. Would like to help

  • Profound + anxiety/panick + depression. Think the meds r messin wiv my head + makin my depression worse.

  • Hi, Ive just been reading up on it and it says that anxiety can also be a symptom of hypoglycaemia (withdrawel from drugs). I think this is happening to you as youve been taking quite a few. When you come off them your anxiety goes through the roof and because you feel so bad the doctor will then prescribe yet another similar drug and it all becomes a vicious circle. These drugs alter your brain chemistry and when you stop them its hard for your brain to change back to its natural state. They affect your central nervous system and taken long term can cause nervous twiches and tic like symptoms. Because they deplete your body of vitamins you will feel very low and very anxious. Like a child who goes to school with no breakfast, cant concentrate and butterflies in your stomach. These meds will never actually cure you ,just manage your symptoms. I personally do not think this is the answer. My view of psychiatrists is that they are pill pushers who only want to label and drug people for life. You deserve better than this. I think you should try to overcome your anxiety once and for all or at least give it a try without harsh damaging drugs. If part of your anxiety is caused by certain situations, try and avoid them for a while. Be good to yourself and eat very healthily. Cut out stimulants like tea, coffee, fizzy drinks. Buy some calming cammomile tea and every night drink horlicks. Take high strength vitamin B complex,vitamin C, calcium and magnesium. . If you can afford it visit a homeopathic doctor. They have lots of gentle remedies and would probably get right to the bottom of the whole thing. You only live once and you deserve some happiness in your life. Your anxiety IS curable . You should tell the psychiatrist that you are taking up yoga to help you feel calm. They wont like it as theyll want to keep you on drugs forever. Please watch "The marketing of maddness " at cchr.org

    Good luck , I hope this year will bring happiness for you x

  • Thank u so much + really thinkin about wot u hav said. i am on the vitamins u hav recommended, only bin takin a few days so far. My anxiety levels r through the roof cant physically keep still + its messin wiv my head. Feel like my limbs( especially arms) hav took on a life of there own. Am very strong minded but cnt keep calm, hav tried like u wouldnt blieve.**

  • Sit down somewhere quiet and take deep breaths. Drink a cup of horlicks made with milk and take the vitamin B complex if you have it. I think you are having a lot of side effects from the psychiatric drugs. They will destroy you believe me. Also once a mental health team gets involved they wont give up trying to take over your life. What you need is real help and understanding, not a label and meds for life!. I watched a relative of mine having their life ruined . They drugged the life out of her and in the end I had to get a solicitor . When she came off all the pills she was like a new person, No psychiatric disorder can be scientifically proven to exist by any blood or laboratory test. They tell people they have a "Chemical imbalance" which needs to be corrected by drugs yet , ask them which chemical is imbalanced and they do not know, Ask them for a test to prove it and there are none. .

    I think you need a doctor who will dig deep and find the cause of your depression and your anxiety. Whatever it is, it will be unique to you because all of us are different.

    I wonder if you have any family or close friends in your life or are you on your own? You really need someone to talk to who will not judge or label you. Your feelings are very natural human emotions and I think its wrong that doctors give out so many drugs to vunerable people. If you ever get the chance read the book "Mad in America" by Robert Whittaker. Its worse over there. They even give antidepressants to little kids!. It breaks my heart .

    I was shocked to read that they gave you antipsychotic as well as others. No wonder you feel ill. Its called polypharmacy when they treat the side effects from one drug with yet another. Please look at the site cchr.org. It may help you to make up your mind about everything. . By the way antipsychotics can cause many movement disorders . Be careful what you take. Will try to help, best wishesx

  • Thanku so much, hav only bin given anti phycotics 2day, havnt took any yet. Jst bein weaned of the sertreline + start venaflexine on saturday. Also on diazepam only took 5mg twice so far. Its the sertreline which ive had a bad reaction 2 + my hormones r mental mayb it related? really need hlp but dont know wot 2 do, at the end of the line.

  • Hello again. 5HTP is available from Holland and Barratt should you wish to try it. It sounds much gentler than psychiatric meds. I personally think they are really bad news and also when people start acting strangely because of their many wierd side effects they often end up being sectioned under the mental health act , then they are like prisoners being forced to take even more drugs. It is an utter scandal which is why I support human rights and I would like to see our mental health system changed for the better.

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