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Has anyone else had these symptoms and found answers to what it was

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I've had No motivation at all had Dizzyness...Feeling weak/faint...My Balance was all over...Constant Blurred vision that's all been constant since Tuesday then almost fell in my bathroom was like I couldn't stand properly without leaning on something then My back started killing And My Left leg and ankle hurt. that started thursday also I Keep mixing my words up when talking sometimes and forgetting what was saying half way though talking. Had palpitations too on and off and Keep coming out In bruises everywhere when not banged myself I've been to docs they said blood pressure was fine and my urine sample was fine so I'm probably just dehydrated when I'd already told her I'd been so thirsty all time and drinking more than I usually do! Has anyone else had this x

It's so annoying x

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Hi Leanne, I know how you feel. I have had really bad anxiety for about 5 years. My left side is affected I'm unbalanced, sore lower back, can't walk properly, stiff all the time amongst other things. Its so bad I brought myself a wheelchair to get around shopping centres. Had all the tests over the dr thing now. They don't seem to have any idea about anxiety, where I live the drs just send you away with a pill. The wheelchair has given me a new sense of freedom but it upsets me its come to this point.

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L. I have the same symptoms. The doctors tell me the same thing. I've considered seeing a neurological Doctor. It's too frustrating.

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Leanne32 in reply to williebemo

It's so annoying when they don't help you hope you get yours sorted x

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I also had some blood tests before this happened and it came back as clotting somewhere but borderline and have to get liver tested and blood took again in 2 weeks I'm not sure if this is anything to do with it or just the anxiety x

Yes I get those symptoms when my anxiety is at it's worst...the more you you think about it the worse the symptoms are...try to keep yourself busy to keep your mind off it. Your mind will convince you that you've got something wrong with you when you haven't, it seems very real at the time. Try and change your lifestyle so that you are not spending to much time dwelling over things.

This is a link to the symptoms of B12 deficiency


there is a huge overlap with a number of other conditions (including Vit D deficiency, ithyroid, diabetes, folate deficiency). The usual test for it B12 deficiency is a long way from being a test that can be used as a single measure.

If it seems likely from the symptoms then please take a look at and consider joining the PASoc forum for support as getting a diagnosis can be very tricky.


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Monty14 in reply to Gambit62

Hi what is the pasig forum please I have the same symptoms too

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Gambit62 in reply to Monty14

follow the last link - its another forum on HU - focused on Pernicious Anaemia and B12 deficiency

I didnt think it was anxiety till I found this forum it actually felt so real like I was going to die lol I felt so frustrated cause doctors were telling me my blood pressure was fine so basically I was fine. I thought why don't they care I'm in loads of pain. Ano I might sound weird to everyone else but it felt so real I've had depression years but never felt like this thanks all for replying x

It may sound strange but do some exercise, have cold showers and drink and eat better. All these things has proven to make you feel better. Exercise(the right exercise-mixture of cardio and resistance) could fix or help stiffness and any other problems you may have. I have mixed my words up a lot and felt dizzy and had tunnel vision, it's down to you looking for an exit of some kind. Even though it's gross, its fine in the end.

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Leanne32 in reply to WWolf96

Will try see if it helps thankyou x

With feeling weak and tired and dizzy it sounds like you have low iron in your blood. I had that and ended up passing out in my bathroom. The hospital gave me iron supplements that I only had to take for a few weeks to build it back up in my system. Hope you feel better xx

Thanks all for your replys Sorry I've not been on here for almost 2 week still feeling same now got loads more bruises and last night my ankles and legs were killing and swelled up loads especially my ankles and also went bright red now all my blody feels like I've got bad sun burn sorry if this sounds stupid but I just don't get it though if its anxiety and in my head why can I see I it too xx

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