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happy to have found this website and community!


Hello All!

I am a 26 year old female who has had anxiety my whole life. I just to have really bad social anxiety but that has improved over the years. Now I am just anxious about my health . I was diagnosed with unusually high blood pressure when I was 23, I had numerous symptoms before but I always just chalked it down to nothing . I was boarder line ready to have a stroke . Ever since that day I have that constant fear about my health now. I continually have side effects and serious ones to boot, to the blood pressure medications they keep putting me on. This really doesn't help my case. Lately I have been suffering from insomnia as well as constant ringing in one of my ears but I only ever hear it at night when I want to sleep :( I think that might be another side effect. I feel so hopeless sometimes that I will always been to ball of inconsistent health. Just remember to take one day at a time, hour by hour. That seems to help, happy to know theres many individuals out there with the same fears, cheers people :D

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I'm happy that you've found this forum too, you can find reassurance and great advice here from so many lovely people who understand your struggle completely :-) xxx

Hi am 27 and I just started getting anxiety and panic attacks I feel like talking to a therapist becuz I don't want to take medication. Is there something you do to help ? Sometimes I get nerves and stress and that triggers it .

cdubbz in reply to MoniciaRomo

I have started meditation as well as a beginners yoga class. You should find someone you jive with. My massage therapist is amazing and has started doing yoga classes so I had a basis relation ship with her and it has eased my anxiety with yoga. If you don't have that I would go with a friend who you trust and you think would also benefit from the class. Try to find somewhere that does a smaller class as this will help with any uneasiness. And when you start ,make yoga your religion . Practice it ever day, even twice a day. Take time for your self and self love. Thank your self for taking the time each day to work on your inner healing. Everyday is a step closer and keep thay in mind :) I also drink lots of chamomile tea as it is good for calming the nerves. I drink it all day because I find it's nice and relaxing and I enjoy feeling at ease lol! I hope this helps xx

MoniciaRomo in reply to cdubbz

Thank you I definitely will try your advice!

I take it your having some insomnia tonight?

cdubbz in reply to Teerings3

Lol well I slept for a few hours and I was tossing Anddd turning again... an improvement from the last night though lol!

It may not be "just anxiety" - many doctors seem to resort to that diagnosis when they don't put a real effort in. Have you looked into POTS syndrome or Lyme disease? Ringing in ears and high blood pressure sound like POTS. Does your heart race when you stand up?

cdubbz in reply to Ag27

Not usually when standing up but it will do it when I am in a resting position. I will definitely have to look into this. Thank you for your input xx any other information you have regarding this would be very helpful... cheers xx

cdubbz in reply to cdubbz

I do feel extremely light headed if I get up to fast. Some times to the point I think I may pass out

Ag27 in reply to cdubbz

You can join a POTS group (postural orthotachycardia syndrome) and ask about your symptoms. I do believe some people have a racing heart when laying down.

Ag27 in reply to Ag27

Sorry, I meant - you can join a group on Facebook and ask questions.

aw sweet girl. Your high blood pressure is from the anxiousness. I bet you are beautiful and kind and really have not much to worry about, but in our heads we go balistic with fear and anxiety building bad thoughts which we tend to believe. Trust me I know this and have struggled

At this Christmas time I hope you can let go of at least 50% of your troubling fears. You are healthy and you are whole and you are God's perfect creation. Please know this in your heart and believe it every day until you are whole again.


cdubbz in reply to Cicinoodle

ThanK you for your kind words xxx right back at you!😃 sometimes that's all you need to hear to bring you back again

*virtual hug*

cdubbz in reply to electriclove

*hugs back*🙇

I too have the ear ringing and blame some medication I was I was on.Cant Sleep

cdubbz in reply to patrica60

What medication were you taking ? If you don't mind my asking ?

Anti biotics for an ear infection,,now I have raging tinnitus anyone else got it?

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