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So hard to accept and move on when physical symptoms continue

I come on this forum in hope to see similar experiences to mine and I've replied to a few posts but never actually posted myself. Here is my story it may be long sorry.

When my second child was about 3 months (she is now 9 months) I started getting shortness of breath but I now I think it was heartbpalps. Anyway I started to worry about it I thought the worst and for the next 3 months I was a wreck and I started feeling other things like heavy arms and stiffness in my wrists sore legs at times, internal vibrating throu out my body but mainly just a very heavy feeling in my body. I finally made an appointment with the doctor and she strait away asked me how I was coping with my kids I thought I was coping fine and was really happy until this shortness of breath thing started, so she suspected postpartum anxiety depression but sent me for blood tests and chest X-ray all my tests came back fine. I was a little relieved but I was puzzled why was I feeling all these feelings if everything is fine. The next 3 weeks I was fine again except for a little pain in my fingers and feet which was worrying me but I tried to let it go. So 3 weeks went by and I felt the heavy feeling gain then I noticed that I was shaking thought it maybe a sugar drop but it lasted all day and woke up the next day with it. Looked up tremors and of course Parkinson's MS comes up and my anxiety started all over again I had a break down went to 3 different doctors (my doctor was on holiday at the time) they all said it was anxiety and one of them did a neurological test on me (finger to nose etc) and said I was fine. I then went to my doctor when she came back who also said nothing to worry about and referred me to a psychologist and psychiatrist they both said anxiety (I also have ocd but I new that) I tried 2 different medications but could not take the side effects I'm terrified of them. Diazapam helps but I don't want to get addicted so I only took it a few times.

Anyway since this shaking thing started I have had heartbpalps, tingling, feeling sick, couldn't function or get out of bed, brain fog almost every symptom you could think of. I got a heart Eco and wore a halter monitor had more blood tests and all fine. Only thing I haven't done is gone to the nerologist I have a referral but haven't gone yet as I started feeling better over the last 3 weeks I have moved house so it kept me busy and I did accupunture so I started feeling better mentally I can function now but I still have really bad derealization a woozy feeling in my head at times and the heavy arms and tremor and I've started to worry again over the last few days I feel like I'm falling back into it again but I just get so discouraged when I feel better mentally but the physical symptoms stick around am I just not patient enough? I've read it can take months of a calm mind before your body catches up I guess I still worry that it's a medical issue and not just anxiety. I'm sorry for the long post I hope someone read it lol

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Please listen to the doctors. I have been there many years ago, I thought I would not reach 30 then 40 etc, but I did, you need a diversion other than your family, just a couple of hours to yourself, is this possible? I propose relaxation, I know you are impatient but it really helps. Also I would take the antidepressants for a while as they will help too, you will not get hooked on them, I didn't they just prop you up over this period in your life. Remember we are all different, certain things trigger us to be unwell, positive thoughts are what you need, your family must make you happy, the baby is dependant on you as are your other children, see if you can do relaxation and after a few sessions I promise you will be a new woman, if you cannot get away then buy a tape or CD as it will help you. Finally STOP worrying as this will make you worse, I wish you well, you WILL be better soon 😊😊😊xx


that need stoping ect there give it to patient how did not need it


it seems unbelievable that anxiety can produce all these distressing symptoms but it does. I've had major anxiety twice, in my life, producing different 'sets' of symptoms. Whe i was in my teens I had all the palpitations and breathing issues, this time - many year later - it's mainly dizziness and balance issues. I think it's related to tension in different areas in the body. At the moment my neck, shoulders and jaw are causing mine. It's taken me some time to realise that I must accept these feelings/sensations to prevent further anxiety caused by fear. Our bodies and minds have been over-rought and beg to be given time to recover. Stress from physical or mental 'trauma' i.e. surgery, birth of a baby, loss etc. can have an impact on us. Please give yourself the space and time to allow your body to recover without further worry about your health. Some days will be better than others, but you will get through and recover, eventually. Incidentally, I don't take any medication, mainly because I feel i'm only delaying dealing with the anxiety, and also, because I don't like the thought of it. I did for a short time when I had anxiety when young but stopped after a few weeks. It's everyone's right to choose.


Thank you so much for your replies. I feel like if the physical symptoms went away I could get over this. It's very hard to live with it everyday for over 6 months now but I feel some encouragement now and more positive thanks again :)


Hi, I'm sorry you are going through such a rough time. I really do believe the physical symptoms yu are experiencing are caused by the anxiety and that you don't have anything physically wrong with you. I haven't had physical symptoms like that from having anxiety but have read about experiences similar to yours. I think maybe if you can try to stop worrying about them and just accept them, eventually they will go away. I am not a psychologist or anything. I'm just offering these suggestions from things I've read. Hope this helps.


Hi there, I can absolutely relate to your experience with anxiety. Sometimes I get to a point where the physical symptoms are so constant that I can't help but return to the mindset that 'there must be something actually wrong'! I've been living with anxiety on and off for the past 25 years (47 yo male)

The hardest symptoms are the heavy feeling, unsteadiness, 'walking on a trampoline' sensations, high muscle tension (legs, arms, neck) and brain fog...particularly if I'm just trying to get on with the day to day stuff... but I find that even just talking/writing about the problem, and particularly distracting myself with stuff I CAN do, are the biggest helping hands.

I saw you posted that brilliant article about DP/DR before... and the distraction method rang true with me...

I also try holding onto the ethos of living each present moment - the past can't be changed and nobody knows the future... Definitely try some relaxation techniques as well.

Believe me, I'm no expert (!), but I truly think we can all get back to normality with the help of each other, and ourselves...sounds a bit hippy, but I take a lot of solace in that

Hope you're finding relief and are feeling better!


Thank you so much for your reply it helps when someone has the same symptoms although I wouldn't wish it on anyone. I haven't heard many ppl complain of the heaviness so that is comforting. I must say I doing better since this post I've had ups and downs and I still question if it is in fact anxiety all the time. I think trying your best not to focus on symptoms really works best and when they do pop out of no where they don't last as long or get as intense if you don't freak out about it.

I wish you all the best :)

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