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Heart rate again this is crazy feel like im going to die sooner or later i know i said i wont be on here but no one understands not even fam

Been to a heart docter had a 7 day heart monitor thyriod test echo test and stress test running on a trim mill but this was about two months ago or a month but ever sense feel like its getting worst my heart beat its like i could stand up from sitting down or laying down feel shortness of breath then heart beats goes fast or beats really hard the heart rate conitnues fast but then it comes down but its like it comes and goes i feel like i have a heart deaiese or heart problems with the rythm or something its just feel like something is going to happen sooner or later with my heart im just really worried idk i feel like seeing another heart docter thats how nervous i im about this and its like when it happens my heart rate its like my back get tense and i start to move its like fighting to relax it my heart to calm down . but yeah lets get to a story of what happen to me the other day going on the train havent been in one in a while so i got on the train idk felt so nervous im saying like i felt like inwas having shortness of breath and in the inside of my body felt really hot and my heart going so fast im saying really fast felt like i was going to pass and im breathing hard and my back was tense tryig to relax it while my heart is speeding then out no where it went away like if god was with me it went away and felt normal again the heart rate relax i my breathing was good but you dont know how worried i was i felt like i was going to die inside the train but seriously my heart is worrying feel like i have bad arrythmia or tycardia and shirtness of breath any suggestions ? 🤔😩

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Hi I am in the same position as you and I am so scared😰 I am currently having tests from a cardiologist as they suspect I have arythmia. I had a tilt test last week and she said how my heart rate goes from really fast then drops off to slow so quickly and that's abnormal. I know that sometimes my fast heart rate is anxiety but it's the weird skipping beats that I so scared of as I know certain types can be fatal. I can't stop thinking that at any time it could all go wrong and I won't get to see my beautiful daughter grow up. I'm in bits and finding it so hard right now. I have a 7 day heart monitor test coming up next month but it's all too much.

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yeah its a crazy feeling idk if i should see another cardiologist because feel like it got a little bit more worst from the time i seen him but idk i want to make sure because if not then it could be to late .


Your okay. You've been checked out by a cardiologist

You were probably having a panic attack from being on the train


Yeah but its been every day now my heart speeds up and goes fast so idk what to do see another cardiologist or what because now its like a everyday sometimes its two times a day or three times a day or even more like i feel i have a rythm disorder


It sounds like you're having adrenaline rushes when you get nervous about something. Your doctor can prescribe a beta blocker to slow down your heartbeats and block the effect of adrenaline on your body.


yeah i have some but the thing is i dont wanna take it all the time and dont know if i can take it on off when i start to feel it and the thing i dont feel nervous about anything at times it just speeds up fast when im laying down beats hard and when i get up from laying or setting down i get shortness of breath try to force myself to breath slowly but then heart speeds up then comes down after a while but it comes and goes it happens about 4 or 5 times a day some times idk just worried about it alot aswell


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