New Panic Symptom

Hey everyone! I was just wondering if anyone has experienced this before.

So I'm on Zoloft and it has helped with panic attacks but I still have anxious thoughts all the time. Anyways today when I was going into work I started getting that feeling like I was going to faint and got dizzy and then both of my legs felt super heavy like I couldn't walk and couldn't get away fast enough. My heart was beating so so fast and it was terrifying. Has anyone felt the heavy legs feeling before? I feel like most people are the opposite and get shaky legs which scares me that I have the opposite.


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4 Replies

  • Courtflyjay, Anything goes with anxiety. It's a toss up of what may hit you one time and not another. I have experienced what you have. Whether it is shaky legs or super heavy feeling, it's all terrifying to us at the time. Once we learn to accept the symptoms as not harmful we can learn to stop the anxious thoughts before it takes full control. That would be doing deep breathing the moment you start experiencing that weird feeling overcoming you. Calming the mind will calm your body and it's reaction to the surge of adrenaline. Rather than wait for an anxiety attack to hit, it is much better to be prepared by practicing relaxation and deep breathing daily. Breathing is something so easily attainable, it's always with you. It is amazing how proper breathing can restore the calm in you and release the adrenaline.

  • Hi Agora1 often do you practice deep breathing. I'm still a never seems to help me much. Maybe I need to practice more!

  • DylanD, I do deep breathing every single day. It comes so automatic now that I no longer shallow breathe. It took practice but as they say, "practice makes perfect".

  • Yes my legs get so heavy and shaky when having a panic attack . I also feel like I'm going to,pass out, I want to throw up , heart races and the mind won't stop . And my blood pressure goes sky high . Got home yesterday from holidays felt weird , all symptoms above checked my bp and it was 194/105

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