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New symptoms this morning

I woke up and initially felt like my head pressure, tingling and ear pressure were subsiding. Then while standing, turning my neck around to watch TV, the blood felt like it was draining out of my head, I felt weak like I could faint, my left arm felt weak ànd I had to move my bowels. The head and ear pressure returned after that. Has anyone had these symptoms? I àlso have anxiety.

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I have felt all this they say its all anxiety but the symptoms are so real


Thank you,amberwave, I guess it just helps to know someone else has your symptoms. I feel like my symptoms pertain to the nerves in my left ear. I had recently seen a doctor who cleaned out the wax with water and a sharp instrument. 2 months later I had appointment with ENT who said never ever put ANYTHING in your ear. Of course he could not see anything ànd my hearing is great. He ruled out any vestibular disease. He has a special instrument that vacuums out wax in less than a minute and said never force water into ear. He did say I had TMJ and to see a specialist to help with my grinding my teeth...and that is due to my stress that I have a hard time controlling. I would love to find a support group to help deal with stress! I think we are experiencing the effects of stress...sand the symptoms make us even more anxious! God bless you and keep you in His care.


I agree it may be stress causing the anxiety, I need to learn how too relieve mine. Good luck to you and feel free to chat anyTime


Thank you...and you feel free to chat anytime with me as well!


How is it going, I had to start buspiron, I couldn't get through these anxiety symptoms on my own. Hope all is well


A couple things that you may want to look into - 

1. Lyme disease and all coinfections (Babesia, bartonella, ehrlichia). You have to be tested by Igenex though, regular tests don't always cut it. Your doctor should be able to order an ELISA and a Western Blot. Also ask to be tested for the coinfections above. If you have 2 strains then you are positive forget the CDC needed 3 strains rule. And you need no less than 4 weeks of doxycycline. If you test positive find an LLMD - a Lyme literate Doctor who can help you There are Lyme groups on Facebook where members give people names of doctors by them. 

2. Diet - Try cutting out all dairy, caffeine and gluten for one month and see how you feel. 

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Ag 27, what is your story? It would help me to know. Since writing 6 months ago I do feel better.  The remaining symptom is pressure in my head, mostly behind nose and at the TMJ area.  I don't have the "bowel" issue nor the weakness in left arm.  Sometimes I notice mild symptoms on the neck area on left side going up to left ear, feeling relief when I shake my head and loosen up my neck.  I love my 1 cup of coffee in AM, but do feel better when I don't consume sugar.  I don't eat much bread.  Also feel better with no wine. : (

I have not been checked for the lymes, etc.


oops, forgot to express my thanks to you for taking the time to respond to my story. : )


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