Panic attacks and other symptoms before bowel movements

I have had a strange thing happen since April of this year. A little bit before a bowel movement, I get a weird adrenaline rush, my heart rate elevates, and I get dizzy and sometimes have a panic attack. Once I have the bowel movement, my heart rate almost immediately returns to normal and I feel cooler and more relaxed. The adrenaline still floats around in my body for a while, but after is so much calmer than before. This doesn't happen with every bowel movement, only some, and usually in the middle of the night. It's not caused by anxiety, but seems to be the other way around. My impending bowel movement causes anxiety and panic. Does anyone else have this happen? If so, do you know the science behind it?


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  • I was like this a month ago i think it came from my fear of getting constipated ik sound gross but anyway as soon as i sit down my heart would start beating fast i get really nervous & my leg starts to shake & i cant use it my stomach muscle tighten up i told my dr about it & she said it was bathroom anxiety for me gave me some stuff to mix in my water & it regulated my bowels & everysince it dont happen when i go thats why i said for me it was fear of being constipated hope u find a solution for yourself mention it to your GP

  • I have had the same symptoms from time to time just like you described. I don't know what the science is behind it. I do know that anxiety will trigger stomach issues. My anxiety will last longer but I will feel somewhat better after a bm. Evil anxiety will manafest itself in many ways

  • Yep agree with Gloria, I can be sitting feeling perfectly normal and from no where I am drenched in sweat, and this is way before I feel any movements inside or pain.

    I in the past have had some very scary nasty experiences in the toilet area of life so my anxiety is probably enhanced.

    I won't go in to detail cos I don't want to scare you further, but I hope it passes and you gain freedom from it soon.

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