Are these normal panic attack symptoms

Ehi guys I'm new I recently had my first panic. Attack or anxiety attack my whole body turned numb and tingly it feels like a elephant was sitting on my torso and I couldn't move very well I thought it was a seizure but it lasted 30 min it was horrible I didn't necessarily feel like everyone was going to die though I felt as if it would never go away my mind was so confused and I couldn't speak well I could but it was extremely difficult to pronounce certain words the doctor shot me up with lorazapam and it calmed me down but I'm new to all this and honestly guys I'm so scared this is going to ruin my life are these normal symptoms SOS PLEASE I JUST WANT A ANSWER


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  • Yes it does sound like a panic attack I do think I'm going to die though.. But if its only happened the once you might never get another one , something might have just been building up inside you .. Can you remember what you were doing or what might have brought it on?? Don't be to hard on yourself or frightened as you'll just make yourself more thence and worked up :-)

  • Thank you that calmed me down a little N it was a normal day except being hungover but I was in the car and my legs and hands got tingly then all the other symptoms piled up and soon I couldn't move and my hands were seizing up. I've had this 3 times total now all this year

  • I have felt this and been put on anxiety meds however I am sometimes unsure all I know is I have had it quite a lot and although it's terrifying nothing has come of it medically like a seizure , which I also thought I was having . Hopefully that can comfort you some how ... Your not alone x

  • Thank you yes it felt like a seizure coming on but when I started to get tingly and I was still awake I relized something was wrong just people like you saying your not alone extremely ly helps I'm very emotional and I feel like I can talk to all you guys it makes me feel safe :)

  • U say you were hangover, that's when I'd mostly have panic attacks its horrible you could of just been just dehydrated or over tired , it does keep u on edge for a day or two but like I said don't worry I'm sure you'll be fine xx

  • Hey there, start taking a multivitamins once a day and try juicing and drink plenty of water you might just be low on some vitamins and most def get some sleep ... Dehydration can also cause the body to act a bit off ... But juice up some greens and see your doctor get some blood work done for vitamin didfiencies just to be on the safe side ... Hope all is well now and God Bless

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