Getting sick of this

I feel like it's Groundhog Day every day. I work full time, go to school two nights a week, have a child that's busy in sports and things. When I get home from work, I make dinner, check homework etc. then I just want to go lay in bed all night. I used to be active, I used to want to do things. On top of the lack of motivation I have this horrible anxiety. I have neck pain pretty consistently. I feel the foggy head daily almost all day, I struggle eating sometimes because I just don't feel good. I'm generally an outgoing, hardworking, ready to do what you throw at me kind of person. But lately I can't seem to get out of this. I did read about the book on here and the exercises for neck pain. So I already ordered the book, and I'm going to look up exercises. I have a horrible health anxiety and every little thing I feel in my body I'm freaking out about. So I pretty much won't take any medications. Not even Tylenol and I'm having daily headaches. I was seeing a therapist and I liked seeing her, but I recently started a new job and my therapist only has daytime hours. So that kind of put that to rest for now. I'm hopeful for the neck exercises and this book. Maybe the neck pain is what's causing the head fog and sometimes dizzy feeling? I am buying an elliptical in hopes that forcing myself to exercise again will help too. If there are any other suggestions I would love to hear them. I am fighting to get my life back. I do live in New York and we just got hit with two storms in a week so maybe it's some seasonal depression kicking in? Anyways, thanks for listening. I hope we all can get through this awful anxiety!


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