I'm so sick of Anxiety

I just cant stand having anxiety. Every single day I worry about my health. I font want to eat anymore thinking that food is what will make me have health problems. Every time I feel pain I thing that something wrong about me. I always feel chest pain, stomach pain, pain on my sides, back pain, headaches, my throat sometimes feel tight, and it makes my breathing hard. I have an inhaler thinking that it might work, yet it doesn't. Im always feeling stressed out. I cant sleep well anymore thinking that I might not wake up, so I basically wait until my body can stand to be awake any longer, so that's when I sleep, but that's until like 3 am. I didn't want to sleep on one day that I waited until like 7 am to sleep. So yeah an all nighter. I just don't know what do anymore. 


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  • stress and anxiety can cause unreal physical symptoms.  I've been through that so I know what it feels like.  are there anything that can make you relax? maybe taking a warm Epsom salt bath in candle light will make you feel at ease?  maybe eat something that usually makes you happy.

    try to practice your breathing by concentrating only on that. close your eyes, take long and deep breathes every time you feel uneasy. 

    go to the drug store and get some melatonin to help you fall asleep.  concentrate on your breathing only, once you're on your bed

  • Thanks and will do! :)

  • I know what you're going through! I do the same thing! Shot I'm doing it tonight! Worried sick! I was drifting off then scared myself awake 

  • Yeah when I'm falling asleep I suddenly get fearful and open my eyes fully and just stay up until I can't think or stay up any longer. But I hope you get better.

  • Thanks! I hope you do too!

  • Have you tried meditation ? I know people keep suggesting it but that is because it does work. Even anxiety that is chemically induced like mine ( because of problems with my pain medication)  can be soothed a little.


  • Yeah, I've also heard that but never though about it. But I will definitely do it. Thanks for the suggestion. 

  • Xoxo . Even trying a relaxation app where you are just guided through relaxing the various muscle in your body can be a great help in smoothing the rough edges of anxiety. Enter search term ' progressive muscle relaxation ' would  be a start. I use a tablet so it's easy to download and take up to my bed with me. There are several meditations that only take 3- 10 minutes - just right sometimes for breaking the anxiety that can turn  into panic. If you like I can make some suggestions based on what I have felt were good. I'll private message them though and of course they are only my ideas. No guarantees !

  • There is help for this but it will mean committing to some counselling and learning some techniques to relax you. Finding the right type of counselling will be more effective for you and a counsellor you get on with and can relate with. The breathing is useful as a short term fix but to find some kind of relief you may need something more. What is available to you locally? What does your GP say?

  • I agree with you Lou-indie about specialist help but it's not always available and the wait can be ridiculous. I've been waiting since last August for an appointment with a psychologist ! I get near and then they go off sick or on maternity leave. There are no available local classes for meditation or relaxation I can afford or get to. 

    So I had to just get on and  do it myself. Its means that I can go off when I need to and choose what's going to suit me that day. Meditation to help with my pain, relaxation to help with the anxiety etc.


  • Your post sounds exactly like me except I haven't tried an inhaler.  I'm also afraid to try anything new especially any medicines. It's very hard going through what we do every single day. Some days you just feel like giving up!!  But we don't we try and try to get better.  I find seeing a psychologist weekly helps me as long as you find one you really like and can confide in him or her. I also use the guided meditation apps from meditation oasis.  They are the best!!  There's even one to go to sleep to!!  Also 1 hour before bed soak in a hot tub with a few drops of lavender and Epsom salts. I also try journaling in bed.  There's a really great book called Writing down your soul that I like.  I even have written some poetry about all the feelings I'm experiencing. Try everything and anything. I know it's hard but don't give up. Just keep trying new things. Also when it's really bad like panic attack bad the only thing that helps me is Xanax !! All the best   Kathleen 

  • I understand it's horrible really horrible.

    Take nice relaxing baths take some time for you self drink camomile tea meditation music read a book pray do something that will help take your mind off it or that will help to relax you.

    Easier said than done I know 

    But try these things anyway

  • Based on my experience, I would say get a life....get out and enjoy yourself, if you can. I've had all these symptoms, have tried tranquilizers (they worked), but at the end of the day, you have to get on with life. Go and have some fun! I lost my sister 2 weeks ago and my Mum about 3 months ago. You've only got one life so damnded well enjoy it. Best of luck to you.

  • Sounds like you need to get to the root of your anxiety.  I had symptoms like this in the past.  I had my medical doctor check me out.  I was sent to specialist for tightness in the throat, palpitations, head issues, etc.  All were normal.  Hope you are feeling better.

  • Hi. It sounds like you are giving up .  Please don.t. Put yourself on a regimen of daily walks vitamins and good nutrition.  I was like you about 1 year ago and I researched and researched.  And came up with this.  Please try it and see.  Also Cammomile tea every night before bed.  Multivitamin b complex as well.  Good luck to you.  

  • Have you tried Marijuana? Just puttin' that out there. 

  • Umm...no, and i heard it messes up your mind, so no thanks.

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