Sick of doctors and family

It seems like no one cares to help or diagnose me. I am only 19 years old and have been suffering not knowing whats wrong with me for too long I don't know where to go or who to turn to. I have had rectal bleeding, mucus, pus in my stool for months. I have been to my family doctor who sent me to a gastroenologist who diagnosed me with "constipation" ok something I already knew. So he gave me a routine to try, laxatives, enemas, magnesium citrate. I seen blood on the toilet paper follow by blood in my stool a few days later. I noticed the blood AFTER taking the laxative and it was IN my stool not on the toilet paper so I went back to him today. He asked if i did EVERYTHING he said to do. NO I did not do the enema I took the magnesium citrate and the laxative. The laxative gave me diarrhea and pus, mucus, blood. He said well you haven't done everything that I asked. I told him I felt it was more serious than what is was WHILE IN TEARS at the doctors office. He said he cannot test me for anything until I follow his instructions and made me promise him I would do it. So here I am still with this horrible anxiety about cancer and I can't even get a definite YES OR NO ANSWER for. I am so upset, all I can do is cry, my mom doesn't want to hear my complaints anymore, the doctor doesn't even want to test me. I pray to God it isn't cancer.. but what if it is? Ive probably had it for a very long time now and NOW IM WAITING EVEN LONGER. I go for a "follow up" in 6 weeks. I feel I will be on my death bed before they can "diagnose" me. It will be too late for treatment or will not survive because of how late it will be. I don't know what to I am now depressed and can't enjoy life because I am in fear every second of the day.


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  • hi chey if your doctor has done what sounds like a assessment of your syptom i wouldnt worry as it sounds as if youre more likely to have health anxiety regards the blood if as i presume is bright red it more likely to be piles ! have you tried a hi fibre diet that can help soften your stools reducing the blood in your stools ! if after all this try asking for a second opinion ! take care and let me know how you get on david

  • Thank you for the reassurance.. I will do what he says spite my horrible anxiety and try to stop thinking the worst...

  • hay there you get mucus over number2 most time its norm rubing loo paper to hard will make bum bleed and straining to much as wel ok dont worry

  • Ok i will try...

  • i can understand you being upset and crying in the doctors. You must follow his instructions though - they have certain procedures to do to rule out certain things. If you do things to the letter - go back with the results - that rules out one possibility. then the doctor may give you another combination of thing to do, and so on until the problem is found and remedied.

    The doctor has to see things in back and white, so to speak. He/she can't help you if you are not helping yourself by worrying and self diagnosing cancer. It is understandable though - we always think the worst!.

    Stay strong, you are doing the right thing by putting it in the hands of the professionals. Just let them do their job - its what you are paying them for!

    And stop thinking of the worst outcome - you are only 19 - the chances of it being cancer is sooo minimal. It may be a polyps in your bowel that is bleeding because of a hard poo.

    Sue xx

  • I understand the steps .. But if my symptoms are getting worse then they should definitely test me to rule out that horrible possibility. I would not be concerned if there wasnt blood in my stool.. But that is a major sign something is wrong.

  • This is a really frustrating problem, I know. It's tough to deal with it on your own, when no one else seems to understand. Can you see a therapist/counselor? Anxiety only exacerbates the problem. The doctors would probably be reacting differently if they thought cancer was a real possibility, right? Next time your thoughts tell you that you certainly must have cancer, counter it with something like, "but what if I don't?" Because if you don't, you are spending a lot of time and energy on worry and drama.

  • Thank you for your comment... I feel I have anxiety BECAUSE of the symptoms im having. I wasnt feeling like this before but I will definitely look into it.

  • I'm the same way. I was a teensy bit of a nervous type before it all started, but I come close to being a neurotic mess during a flare-up. It's awful, but there are things you can learn in therapy to help control the anxiety, which will help with the symptoms, which will help even more with the anxiety, which will help with the symptoms. Best of luck to you.

  • Hello

    Sorry the way you feel. It may be a good idea to do the treatments the GP has recommended then go back and discuss what the condition is possibly further tests a Colonestomy (excuse spelling) may be a way forward.

    Personally I do not know what the problem is, only the GP and tests can do that so get them done the sooner the better to put your anxiety home to rest

    We are always here


  • Thank you

  • If you are asked to go in for further tests of the bowel do not worry I was bleeding dark blood that cleared and they still did the test and gave me results on that day. Generally the hospital will give medications to clear the lower bowel to be taken the day before you go into day ward for the viewing you will be given a sedative a muscle relaxant and pain medications before they view the bowel, The bowel has no pain receptors.

    Generally you can watch the film of the test on the television screen what is going on and if they find something they will take biopsies for the labs. Generally if they find anything they generally remove and test the offending problem. I had a test done five years ago and they found a cut, that also was repaired.

    Nothing to worry about, you will be given your results before you go home for a big dinner as you will be hungry.

    All the best


  • I wish this was my case however he has not even offered the test....

  • Hello Chey

    Do his request and ask for the test. It is your right to ask for further tests if they cannot find the problem. You sound very young and if you are not happy with your GP change to another one in the same practice, although if your GP asks you to do something you do it for so that things can be ruled out

    Do not worry, just go with what He wants


  • I am not sure if this helps but try doing an elimination diet to rule out food allergies. Also GMO wheat and corn are known to mess up your intestines.try switching to organically grown Gmo food. Look into colitis or chroma.

  • I meant gmo free food!

  • Chey421, please see another doctor or go to emergency in the hospital. They will do a series of thorough tests. The doctor sounds arrogant...but maybe not. Praying for you.

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