Best Breakfast?

I slept well last night ( 7 hours - YAY!!! ).....really needed it. Prior 2 nights woke with anxiety attacks. But soon as I woke today, the same old morning shaky feelings. I'm wondering what's best to eat first? Fruit? It's sugary.....and maybe adds to jitters? Nuts? The fat metabolizes more slowly - but not so easy on my sensitive stomach. Hmm.....


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7 Replies

  • Hi so happy u slept for 7 hours dylanD and your the same as me with morning jitters it happens everytime i have a episode hope u pick up soon

  • Thanks Natzsteveo ! I may even try to exercise today.....many days I'm too tired. Some days I try a ton of walking - but i've read that u need vigorous exercise to generate I may try the "7 minute workout" which I used to do.

  • Well have fun and enjoy yourself

  • I feel quite nauseous a lot with my anxiety.

    But I try to eat, I'll either have just a boiled egg, or porridge, Marmite on toast. I try to have something that will do me a bit of good rather than , as you say a sugary start. x

  • Do you ever wake in the middle of the night with nausea? I did, last night, and it lasted 3 hours.

  • Yes I do wake in the night with it sometimes..... thing is with me I have a fear of throwing up, so I panic and that makes it worse. I wake up feeling nauseous and it continues in waves all day. It's so draining and make my life so miserable. And of course I don't want to be amongst people that often as that makes it worse. I suppose it's like they say, it's the fear of fear.

    Yesterday I had a real bad day with it, but today although I woke up feeling bad, I put my wrist bands on that I spoke to you about and I feel a little better. The doctor gave me an antiemetic called Prochlorperazine, a small pill that you let dissolve under your lip. I try not to use them much, but they are always in my bag, especially when I am out.

    It's got to be the worse feeling in the world :-( xx

  • I am having exactly the same problem and it's awful!

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