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Best treatment for dry eyes?

Hello :)

Now I have new glasses (don't like them but need them) and got a bad case of dry eyes, right eye is worse then left eye so I've been told. I was told to drink plenty of water and use warm cotton wool on my eyes. Is that all I can do? I feel like ripping eyes out and washing them alot but not a good idea. Also got told my anxiety is the reason it's happened too. So what more can I do about this?

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Reply CardiffGirl80

Greetings - Try search Sjorgrens/Sjorgrems Syndrome. Dry eyes/dry max glands; autoimmune disorder. Probably unlikely but worth investigating and asking professional advice from gp.

All best, G. Coetzee



Dont Google symptoms firstly would be my advice , this makes anxiety worse !

Was it the GP or Optician that told you that you had dry eyes , which ever one it was trust what they have said to you

I no Optrex do drops for dry eyes , check you are safe to use them they may help

If they still keep been a nuisance then I would go back to my GP & tell them you have tried their suggestion & it is not working , there are drops they can give you to help

I have suffered with dry eyes myself & it can be very unpleasant , but if you have been checked over by professionals & diagnosed , its not harmful & hopefully it will settle down soon :-)





Hi WhyWhy, it was the Optician who told me about my dry eyes. My Mum suffers very bad dry eyes and uses drops every single day. The optician feels drinking more water and using warm cotton wool on my eyes will help. I will try the drops you said and see if it works


Just check with the Chemist that you are safe to use them first , most of the time people are but its always best to ask

If you try them you will have to let us no if they helped :-)



Hi, I've got dry eyes. I use drops for dry eyes. I really would not google anything, it will just make matters worse. The opticians would have spotted any problems if you had any xx


I have dry eyes too. I wear contact lens' and my left eye is very bad some mornings when I wake up.

The optician did tell me of some new drops which have just come on the market but as they were £16 a bottle I left them and now have forgotten their name!

That was a useful post wasn't it! :-)


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