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Hello every one . Can I ask do you have perfrouse sweating not knowing what has triggered it? I can somtimes relate it to a conversation I have had , somtimes just watching the news. At the moment just getting up and walking to the bathroom brings it on ( although this might be that I also have chronic fatigue syndrome . My life has come to a full stop any ideas advise on coping is greatly appreciated .


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  • Hello

    Are you female ?

    Just asking not sure what age you are but it could be the peri menopause starting depending what sex and age you are as well as anxiety

    I have anxiety even though better than it used to be some years ago but also going through the menopause to and just like you I can be ok one minute and the next I am red hot and dripping wet through but I also think my anxiety contributes to it as well

    Maybe have a word with your Doctor , they can do some blood tests if you have not had any already just to see if anything shows up ( nothing serious just usually small things can that they can soon correct ) but if they come back clear then that gives you peace of mind and you could ask if they could suggest anything you could take

    Personally I cannot take HRT with the menopause , have tried many natural things but none have worked and it gets me down but I try & learn to live with it , but we are all different so something natural may work for you , I always have a window open even when I have the heating on to get some air as well as one of those little hand held fans , 99p from the pound shops and when I feel like that I pop that on it cools me down and then I try and ignore it and not let it play on my mind because my mind always wants to tell me it is something more even though I have been checked out

    Try and just do a little exercise , a small walk up and down the street will do anything just to try and get motivated again , set small goals and see if you can achieve them or just to try helps us feel better in ourselves

    Take Care x

  • Hello bounce thank you for your reply. Bounce iam femail and of meno age although the GP has said no to Hrt due to other medical conditions . Iam awaiting a appointment for talking therapy I have been diagnosed with post traumatic stress dissorder following a shocking stay in hospital . Without going in to too much deatail I was admitted with sever abdominal pain they stopped all ends other than giving paracetamol . Bad things happened during the 4 days spent on a side ward. I already had inflamatory and ostio arthritis along with fibromyalgia . This anxiety fear and extreme changes in body tempreture are all new . Just being able to reach out and have someone listen is so helpful Bounce thank you .

  • Sorry you have been going through such a bad time

    I have always suffered with anxiety but 10 years ago I had to go in hospital for an op , was an hysterectomy but they left my ovaries ( why I still have to go through what I am finding an awful menopause ) if I had known I would have told them to take the ovaries to !

    But while I was in hospital I got an infection , I was ignored for two days until thank god a half decent nurse spotted me writhing in pain and she got the Doctor straight away who started pumping me with antibiotics but it is what it did to me in my mind that had the worse effect plus I woke up with the most awful bruises all on my neck and you could see they looked like finger prints which distressed me as it was obvious when I was under they had been rough with me even though I had no prove but again it is what stuck in my mind

    Ever since physically I feel I have never recovered , from the moment I came out I started with this sweating , followed by still today sinus infections or what are like sinus infections constantly that they have no answers to and it drags me down as well as this menopause that is going on & on & like you I cannot take anything , I had pains every where which they told me was Fibro even though that seems to have subsided but can flare up now and again and sometimes I just put it down to the whole op as well as what happened after was a shock to my body which has reacted to and not overcoming as there seems to be no other explanation or answers anyone seems to have but it does drag you down and many times I wish I had never had to have that op because I do think it has now added to at least 50% of my problems I have today

    Sounds like the sweating though could be the menopause because that is exactly how I am , can be alright one minute and next just walking to the kitchen I can be sweating and red hot throwing the doors open for some air and so on

    I hope you get some answers as I know it will help even if there is nothing much they can do and whatever happened to you in hospital I sincerely hope the talking therapy will help you work through it and you can move forward

    Take good care of yourself because you deserve it :-) x

    P.S Forgot to say in my first reply what Beautiful dogs you have in your pic , I presume they are yours ? They should make anyone smile :-)

    Also there are Communities on here for Fibro , you can belong to more than one community on Health Unlocked I have added a link to one of the Fibro Communities you may want to have a look it may help ?


  • Thank you so much I feel we have such similar problems you too take good care your words have helped me so much . Yes the boys are mine Zack a toy poodle and Bailey is a lass apso a wonderful rescue dog he is blind but this has not held him back . Thanks again God bless you xxxx

  • Hi There Bounce

    Gosh I can relate to most of your post. I had a full hysterctomy (and ovaries) years ago and stopped HRT 4 years ago. Bang! Straight into the most appalling menopause. Sweats, shivers, flushes, palpitations. You name it I've had it. Sheer HELL. Windows open, windows closed, Hot one minute, freezing the next. I put all my health problems down to the menopause and Doctors are just not interested. I take sage tablets and they helped at first but have worn off now. The worst thing for me is the sleep deprivation as I can be awake many times in the night. The Doctor says the flushes and sweats will stop - he just can't tell me when. Great.

    Sorry to hear hear of your health problems. As you say menopause makes everything else so much more problematic.

  • Hello

    So you still get it when you have your ovaries removed as well , I thought you just went on HRT and everything was fine , I can stop blaming leaving mine now as I always have :-/

    I have never felt the same though since the moment I had it done , I had no choice though so I do have to keep reminding myself of that but I relate the night times , I cannot remember the last time I had a full nights sleep , this has been going on for over 10 years and most days I walk round feeling exhausted all because I am waking up all night red hot ...I have a fan blowing on me all night to as well as the windows open and that is even in the winter , some say it is like a fridge in my bedroom but to me it is still hot !

    I have tried numerous things that are natural but none have worked for me spent a fortune over the last 10 years just to end up in the bin :-(

    I get told the same by my Doctor she doesn't know how long and at times I have thought her not to be very sympathetic however when I went to see her a few weeks ago all of a sudden she went flushed and started flapping her hand up & down and I said are you alright ? she answered I have started in the menopause ....I though well now you know how it feels :-/ Hope she may be a little more helpful when I complain now as just like with anxiety unless you have felt it you don't know how bad it can be

    I so envy these ladies that say they went through the menopause and never even knew they had , I think wow you lucky thing and wonder if I am having and going through theirs for them :-/

    I can get moody to but again I think that is a lack of a good nights undisturbed sleep

    One thing I have found but not cheap but still I would pay anything I could afford to try & help with this but as well as waking up sweating during the night the worse bit was been wet through , hated that made me feel dirty , but I read up about pure wool mattress protectors as well as pillow one's , now you would think wool would make you sweat but when you read up about it no it draws it from you , anyway as I read on there were women that were going through the menopause that said how much these had helped them , so I purchased them and for me it has worked that when I wake up I am not wet through any more , just as hot but not wet which for me is one bonus and one is better than none :-)

    Anyway think I have gone on a bit here but think it is a relief to know you are not alone there are others feeling the same way to even though if I could wave a magic wand I would magic anxiety , menopause and anything else we all suffer with away

    Have a nice evening :-) x

  • Ah no, you haven't gone on and thank you for the reply. I'm glad it's not just me (though I am sorry you are suffering). Yes, menopause is just the same without ovaries. I thought it would be worse but apparently not. I too have not been the same since I had a hysterectomy. In fact the day after surgery I developed IBS and battle with digestive issues as well as flushes, sweats etc. What I find is that i am completely drained of energy - I suppose this is the result of lack of sleep, but I am soooooo fed up of feeling like this. I know what you mean about other ladies saying that they 'sailed through the menopause' - really? They are very lucky not to have experienced a single symptom. There is a website called the 34 symptoms of the menopause. Guess how many I have? 32!! What I have found that has helped me with my energy levels is taking a supplement of Vit B12. I had my levels checked and they were low (ish) so I do feel as though I have picked up a bit. Again like you I have not slept through a night for years and it's very debilitating. I am waiting for results of a 24 hour heart monitor test as I have been getting palpitations. Doctor thinks it's related to menopause it could be fluctuating hormones. Again, like you I get moody and anxious and I put it all down to menopuse as I was not like this before. Sorry, I hope I haven't bored you. It's nice to speak to someone who understands. xx

  • I will go on there and see how many symptoms I have got I would imagine them all !

    I have just been putting some washing away and sweat was poring of me , I had to switch the fan on as always

    I to have low iron the doctor gave me some iron tablets well they stopped me from going to the toilet I was in a right mess so I stopped taking them as like you I started with IBS as soon as I had the hysterectomy , I wonder if they do something as I do believe they move the bowel as they do it makes you wonder but I might try a natural B12 see if that helps , I would do anything to have some energy back again , I always have had anxiety but this has certainly made it worse

    The other thing I get now is migraines

    I used to get an odd one but now I get them regularly can be one a month or sometimes I go 2 months but not often , I get the aura as well as the headaches and again they say it is this but that knocks me of my feet and adds more anxiety

    I bet the palpitations will be due to the hormones I have read they can do that , let us know what they have to say and if you find a cure please share it :-D

    Like you say you would not wish this on anybody but nice to know it is not just you because sometimes you do think it is which just makes you more anxious

    Have a lovely evening , flush free I hope :-/ x

  • Thank you for your lovely reassuring reply! Unfortunately I'm not flush free - I've just had I don't know how many. Yes they do move the bowel around during surgery. A bowel nurse told me that the cause of my IBS could be due to a slight kink in the bowel relating to the operation. She said it's enough for bacteria to collect in the crease causing problems. Well, she's not wrong there. But give me IBS anyday over the menopause. I used to get terrible headaches like you but they are a lot better now. I drink loads of water and it seems to help. Bounce, I would be absolutely DELIGHTED to share any cures I may find. And you do the same. Haha. Enjoy your evening. x

  • Does anxiety make you of balance like feels like your falling

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