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Mans Best Friend... Update

Hi Ladies & Lads! I posted before about how much support 'mans best friend' can offer so i thought id share these links with you. Lots of love xx

The Cinnamon Trust - walk and/or temporariliy care for pets whos owners may be elderly or terminally ill


Borrow My Doggy - does what it says on the tin


Pet Retreat - foster pets from homes suffering from domestic abuse


You can also register/apply for dog fostering at many of the well known charities such as Battersea Doga & Cats Home and Dogs Trust. Or you can look into puppy socialising for hearing dogs. There are so many options that can provide wonderful support to you and others, i hope you find these of interest x

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I tottaly agree, I dont no what id do with out my dog I know it sounds silly. X


I second and third that!!


My dog is my life. I call him my little (although I should really call him massive!) guardian angel as he never left my side throughout my worst time and I feel that if it wasn't for him I would never have broken out of it.


Totally agree as I just got another younger dog as my dog is coming to the end of his life span and the thought of not having a four legged companion was just too awful to even think about! Am just emerging from a very bad anxiety episode so she is my little 'saviour' =)


Am so there. Daisy has kept me (sort off) sane these past couple of months. She's a fab staffy x and makes me laugh every day. If I don't care about myself I still care about her. X


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