Don't know what to do for the best!

Today has been strange. I took my little girl to the cinema, I've felt like I've been in a bubble all day. On the way there I felt like ringing my husband to come get us, I didn't want to be out, but I blocked it out. Couldn't let my little girl down. Sat through film and had a splitting headache. I also have a pain going down the back of my neck.

I stopped in health shop on way home and picked up some bach 'rescue remedy'. I am now too frightened to take that, how silly is that!?

I really am back to square 1, can't take meds and can't do anything to help myself. I feel like I just want to get out of my head!!!!!!

I also have one sleeping tablet left and I'm now frightened of what tomorrow night brings.

Hoping you've all had a better day xx


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  • Sorry to see your post but please don't be afraid of rescue remedy take it often and believe me if there are any side effects I would get them, like you cannot take meds honestly it will not harm you.

  • Thanks Erstchay. I know I'm being silly because it's nothing like meds. Just working myself up over nothing as usual.

  • I do it all the time, really worked up now just been to Doctors and testing me for gall bladder because of side pan and temperature.Phew

  • Oh hope you will be ok! I feel like I need putting down at the moment ha!

  • Looloo, the rescue remedy will do nothing, there is nothing in it. It's just like water, it doesn't really taste of anything, it smells like brandy. I was using it whilst in labour with my son and nothing strange happened. I've been using rescue remedy for the last 15yrs or so. I especially used it when I was driving long distances as I could panic sometimes on the motorway.

    Try to relax a bit your aching neck will get worse xxx

  • Thanks winter. The aching has eased off. Still have a pounding head. I've had some of the rescue remedy. Not really knowing if I'm expecting anything (bit silly). I'm looking for a miracle I think!

    Hope your well xx

  • Hi there, I take natural calmers from the chemist, I don't like taking meds from the doctor as I too am frightend as to the side effects, but I found the stuff I got from the chemist suits me fine. hope you can get to relax a bit now and feel some what better.

  • Hey! The lady in the shop I went to today mentioned natural tablets & she said they were exciting. Can't remember the name but they we're quite expensive at around £30 a tub. Not sure if I could afford yhat if I'm honest! Which ones do you take if you don't mind me asking?

    Thanks for your message.

  • Hi looloo

    Hope your are feeling better, rescue remedy wont hurt you, I have used it, however I don't find it does anything, but give it ago, it works for a lot of people, O the bubble, I have been getting that, and must say I get into a right state about it, as I can not deal with that symptom of anxiety , you did very well to continue as you did. well done.



  • Thanks bonnie. It's hard going isn't it. Felt no anxiety going to bed, but woke not long after mid panic. Have you had this before? X

  • hi LooLoo, I take Quiet Life tablets, they cost £ 2:99 for 50 tablets, They can make u a bit sleepy but I don't mind that. hope you feeling better.

  • That's a brilliant price! Thanks gardeneretwo, not had a bad day, but night time is worse for me at the moment. Hope you've had a good day .

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